The Nomad Project- Going around the World to Foster Entrepreneurship

We’ve heard of globe trekkers and we’ve heard of torch bearers of entrepreneurs but here’s the story of a man who does both, a mantravels around the world meeting Entrepreneurs! Meet Yuki Naruse from Japan, the force behind the Nomad Project.

The motive of Yuki with the Nomad Project is to travel around the world, meet entrepreneurs and startups, get ideas and share these experiences to young Japanese fellows. Why? “The Japanese population is ageing and the global outlook is shrinking. I love traveling and meeting new people but apart from that, it saddens me to see a young Japanese thinking within boundaries. The world has opened up tremendously and during these times, I don’t want an inward looking attitude in Japan.The world is getting super flat and I called this is as liquid world. You, individually can potentially move and do business anywhere around the world. We are living in this century.” says Yuki.

Yuki went for Babson College at Boston, USA and that is where his vision expanded. He took it upon himself to change the scenario and has done some phenomenal work over the past two and a half years. After the Silicon Valley, Yuki went to Singapore, Indonesia and other south-east Asian nations before moving onto the European countries and Africa. Yuki has already been to 25 countries meeting people who’ve been doing noteworthy work in the field of entrepreneurship in their countries.

While in India, Yuki met us here at Yourstory and the energy he possesses is infectious. Throughout the journey, Yuki meets these people and catalogs his thoughts and experiences on the Nomad Project Website. It is fantastic to see the power of human connections and the will of a single person that has been able to make Nomad Project what it is today. Yuki has travelled to these countries via recommendations and connections people make and his journey has been stupendous. Via this post, Yuki also announces the launch of the English Website for the Nomad Project.

We wish Yuki and the Nomad Project all the very best!

Pictures from the Yuki's trip:



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