Understanding The Entrepreneurs Mind


This is the 8th article in the series of 20 articles by Santosh Sharma

I was at the Microsoft Bizspark event at Bengaluru held at hotel Royal Orchid invited by the Your Story team and we had wonderful 16 finalists with great ideas. I was deeply observing their personality traits and its influence on the ideas they had and the execution as I was a good one hour before the event’s schedule; getting an opportunity to discuss and interact with many of the budding entrepreneurs.

I could broadly categorize the entrepreneurs into 2 breeds: Those entrepreneurs who wanted to control the present pain (existing gap) with their ideas and those who wanted to design a way out with their offerings. Entrepreneurs falling in the first category certainly came up with out of the box ideas to eliminate the pain but their ideas and execution had designing limitations. But those who were in a designing mode certainly had a lot of designing intelligence incorporated into their idea and the way they were executing it. And the judges got that absolutely correct.

In the dynamic world we should upgrade from the control to the designing mode. It is because we cannot have a control over everything but we can certainly design a way out of any problem. In the control mode the situation guides us and in the design mode we guide the situation.

Suppose you have a meeting with the VCs and your flight was supposed to land 3 hours before the meeting. But when you came to the airport the flight got cancelled because of some technical issues. What would you do? Those from the control mode would first resist and crib and most of us fall in this category. But those from the designing mode will accept the situation as it is and will try to find alternatives. He/she may or may not reach on time to attend the meeting but their response to the situation will always be better than the one from the control mode.

People who design have less mental boxes holding them back. And tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs and enterprises will have to go further natural, they will have actually dissolve all their mental boxes as they will have to overcome tremendous complexity and all at the same time. Only “dissolving the boxes” will give them the designing intelligence to lead in such situations.

In the next article we are going to discuss how to dissolve the boxes and so just before that let us understand the benefits of dissolving the boxes.

1)     You upgrade from the control to the designing mode with is more intelligent.

2)     You will be able to see deeper, wider and faster into situations.

3)     Yu will be able to design growth as you get the thought designing capabilities.

4)     You add more variables into your decisions and actions giving you the leadership edge.

5)     You become a natural leader.

6)     You will be able to design inclusive and sustainable growth.

7)     You will be able to manage competition better.

8)     Innovation will become an integral part of the operating process and not a one off event.

9)     You will be able to live and love life every bit

10)  You will be celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit to help people at the bottom of the pyramid.

So folks get ready to dissolve the boxes in the next article.


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