Which Is The Best Tablet - An Exclusive Editorial


There is one phrase in today"s world of technology that pundits use repeatedly to describe the specificity of devices that has infiltrated into our lives - "The Post-PC Devices", and to say that we agree is an understatement. Members of our Editorial team are proponents of the tablet and mobile computing devices and strongly believe in an embedded world of computers. A computer in every device that we use? That"s got to be Utopia.

But now that our editors have made up their minds on tablets, there are so many of them today, which one is the best? They fight it out here.

Suhas SG

The thin line that separates necessity and luxury is being blurred at an alarming rate thanks to today"s technological advancements that are going at a break-neck pace. Five years before, I wouldn"t have dreamed of editing blog posts on a mobile device, but today that"s almost a necessity.

There are many factors to weigh in before crowning a tablet as the king of tablets. One key metric is the performance to price ratio. And when price is a factor, Why pay more for proprietary software like iOS when the open-source Android is well capable? And the customization that you can do with an android is a boon to people who want their device - just the way they want it!

There are many great android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or the Amazon Kindle Fire. But what really beats the lot is our government funded "AAKASH".

For those prices, you really can"t complain much, and it"s affordable to the common man. Brilliant device, in a brilliant affordable package.Arjun Abhynav

The definition of computing has drastically changed over the years, and will change in the coming years as well, it"s just evolution of technology. But there are some really interesting computing devices that are out there today, one of them is the Samsung Series 7 Slate.

What"s a selling point for the device is - It features the full blown Windows 7 OS and features an Intel Core i5 Processor all in a tiny 11 inch screen, almost hand made for my purpose. Being a professional web developer and an application developer - I can do tasks in this device which I can"t even think of in, say, an iPad. Although it"s pricey, it"s worth the trade-off for productivity, at least until Microsoft Surface hits the market.


Mohit Virmani

If there ever was any device better than the new iPad, it"s the old iPad. I"m amazed at the intuitive and butter-smooth controls and navigation of the iOS - clearly the best mobile OS. Even today, iOS is the leading mobile OS in terms of apps, there"s an app for almost anything! This is a must buy device for people in the Mac ecosystem, owing much to iCloud awesomeness. My work is always perfectly in sync across all my apple devices. In addition to this, the retina display of the new iPad is perfect for photos, movies and it pops out and laughs at those sub-HD displays even when you"re working on textual content. You can feel the difference when you"re typing out a mail, scrolling through facebook updates, or tweeting about your new business idea. It"s also an incredibly thin device for the amount of power it packs, and gives around seven hours of battery, which is quite rare in tablet devices. It just feels right, the iPad!Meghna Chhabria

I"m not a specification freak, so any device that does what I want it to do, should be fine. Being a blogger, editor, and an author, iPad fits my necessities. I"ve worked around with a Galaxy tab 750, but it wasn"t the device for me.

iPad"s brilliant Retina Display just blows me away every time I look at the device, It"s quite fast and never lags on any task that I throw at it. I also do enjoy the occasional Angry Birds HD on the device, the color-levels of the display is just gorgeous.

Anirudh Shrinivas

Computing indeed is a funny thing, and is a very perspective field. I see computing as an extension of my brain. Perhaps, that"s where technology is going to be in a few years, already our brains have been replaced with calculators for even simple multiplication. It wouldn"t be long until we rely on computers to order our food for us.Gadget junkies like me could talk all day about why iPad isn"t the best tablet out there, but coming to the point, the device that is almost perfect for me is the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. At 1.32 pounds, it"s lighter than the iPad which is 1.44 pounds. It"s a beast when it comes to processing, powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3, you won"t see any lag even if you are playing three or four HD youtube videos. That"s impressive. The Super IPS Display is even more gorgeous than the iPad"s Retina display, although without that much resolution. This Android device is one mean monster.

Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi

Let"s say out-of-the-box creativity was one critical factor for measuring how good a tablet is, then the Blackberry Playbook would win it. Not just because of enterprise-level QNX-based OS, but for the way it"s engineered. Single-shell body, and one of the first dual core tablets that came into the market.

Multi tasking is a treat, as you can see elements of WebOS"s card-ish app views, which is brilliant when you have to switch tasks. And for all the Blackberry loyalists, this thing packs what every Blackberry user would need.

So, readers, which do you think is the best tablet?