Win an iPad on Reviewing WorldDesk!


The computer is called personal for a reason. Using a different machine always feels a little

uncomfortable - what users really want is for every system to be exactly like their main PC. Carrying

your laptop around is one way to achieve this but today’s technologies can offer a better option.

This solution is aptly called WorldDesk. With WorldDesk you can take your applications, files and

personal settings, with you!

What is WorldDesk?

WorldDesk is an app that allows you to carry your entire desktop around on any device (a simple

USB drive or smartphone) or even store it in the cloud (on Dropbox, for example).

Why should I use WorldDesk?

1. Increase your portability! You don’t have to haul that heavy laptop around - your apps, files and

personal settings are with you and can be opened on any computer.

2. You don’t have to go through the painful process of setting up and maintaining a computer. Plug

WorldDesk into your new machine and you’re ready to go straightaway.

What’s the deal?

It’s simple.

  1. Download WorldDesk
  2. Use it !
  3. Give us your feedback below in the comments section.

You do that and we’ll give you the chance to win an iPad !

How to use ? - Getting Started

  1. Download WorldDesk by clicking here.
  2. Fire up the .exe installer - you are now just minutes away from having your own personal, portable desktop.

Here are some screenshots:

Agree to the Software License Agreement:

Now’s the time when you have to tell WorldDesk whether you want to carry your personal desktop on a USB Drive or store it in Dropbox:

I created a “WorldDesk” folder in my Dropbox, and added a desktop shortcut:

And it’s almost done!

Finish and launch your personal desktop!

You now have your own desktop wherever you go!

But wait, don’t you want the iPad ?

To be in with a chance all you have to do is post your feedback below in the comments section!


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