Analysing Wonderful Day; An App That Trumped The iOS App Store


Wonderful Day is an app that has been topping the Best Productivity App charts on the iOS App Store. Developed by Tenmiles, Wonderful Day ranked at the top of the Indian iOS store few months ago. "But the fact we were able to push past bestsellers like Pages, Numbers, Keynote (all from Apple), Clear, Omnifocus etc. to achieve the feat of reaching the #2 position on the US charts is exhilarating," says Shalin Jain, Founder & CEO, Tenmiles.


Do you lose track of your activities more than often? Do you make a firm decision to follow a routine and just end up forgetting it? Then Wonderful Day by Tenmiles is just the Apple app that may solve your problem. Launched late in the February of 2012, the app is priced at $ 0.99. Wonderful Day is a stylish, elegant ,more than useful app for iPhone and iPod touch. It more or less helps you to develop a few habits that you always have aspired to have. A product inspired by Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, it visualizes your goals in a way that screams out “Don’t break the chain!”

You may add activities in your diary, edit them , keep a track on them using this app. Wonderful Day allows you to set activities on daily, weekly basis or for chosen days.

Playing the guitar, cooking for your spouse, laundry, etc are some of the activities we tend to forget more than often. Wonderful Day keeps a tab on all such activities and tracks your progress in following them. The interface is simple and friendly to the users. Each day is assigned a dot and the user needs to mark the activity as done when it’s performed. A chain of dot appears on the screen to check the progress of your activity. A green dot means that the activity has been performed successfully and a red means a skip. So all you need to do is to keep the green chain going.

The app provides a subtle reminder in the morning, or on a time of our choosing, for the activities set for the day. Alarms and alerts can be set as per our requirements.

Thing to look forward to:

Social integration. It would be nice to share certain activities on networking sites with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, the green chain would be a nice way to show off.

In conclusion, the app is a simple way to develop the habits that we long for and it is dead easy to use. The simplicity and the usefulness of this app has made it a hit, topping the charts in India and few other countries. An average rating of 4 – 4.5 stars on the US store with a lot of reviews suggests the huge popularity of the app.

Wonderful Day is an honest app, it reminds of you all your activities , but obviously that’s all that it can do. Finally it does come down to your will power and not to cheat. So get the app, make a list , perform those activities , and get that green chain going to have a Wonderful Day.

- With inputs from Chirag Shah, an Apple fanboy.


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