Analytics Quotient: A Knowledge Co-operative Providing Analytical Solutions

Economies across the world have slowed down, so companies are making investments with caution. This appears as a great opportunity for companies like Analytics Quotient. Analytics can help companies discover ways to work more efficiently and can help optimize resources across functions, and more and more businesses are discovering this.
Analytics Quotient was born in September 2008, in the middle of a recessionary year with a combined investment of a meager USD 30k. In three and a half years, they have grown organically without any outside investment and will close this financial year 2012-13 at 6M USD. The founding team comprises Pritha, Vinay Partha, Neerav, and Durga Prasad. These five started AQ from a small flat in Indiranagar, Bangalore. “When the five of us got together to build AQ, we wanted to create a space that we could look forward to coming to every day.  Having a shared past in marketing analytics, our vision was clear - we wanted to build a Knowledge Co-operative which would help corporations answer business questions by combining analytics, business consulting, data art and technology,” says Pritha.

Today Fortune 500 clients recommend them for their “story telling ability”, or the ability to answer questions which the business wants to understand. They are able do this because they engage with the client business, 'synergize' the disciplines of statistics, data art and technology to unravel the story behind the numbers. Story telling equips managers with foresight and they stop asking the ‘what’ questions – ‘What is my market share viz a viz competition? And start seeking the more strategic ‘why’ questions like ‘Why is my revenue growing in a scenario where my market share is stagnating?’

The various projects that they take up are differentiated with well-designed info-graphics and animated data. New patterns and relationships contained within a data set create an ‘instant wow’ and helps the managers understand data in a simple manner.

Analytics Quotient has a project based delivery model, in which the revenue earned by the company is linked to the scope of the project and the complexity of the deliverable and not on the number of people working on the project. There are no Sales people at AQ. The Founding Team bears responsibility for every project acquisition & delivery.“For the first three years of AQ, we did not invest in any marketing or sales resources. We concentrated on creating a valuable talent pool and giving our clients a great service experience. Great insight backed by smooth, on time delivery generated positive feedback amongst clients. We grew by Word Of Mouth and presently work with Fortune 500 corporations in the CPG, Retail, Food Services and Consumer Technology industries. This year we are exploring other avenues like co-presenting some of our work with our clients in international research and analytics forums. We have also exploring some basic awareness creation routes to attract relevant talent through social and digital media,” says Pritha.

They intend to build the organization to 500 people in the next two years and also plan to keep doubling revenues every year. They are aiming to grow to 25 M by 2015. At present they work for the CPG, Retail, Food Services and Consumer Technology industries and are planning to penetrate into the BFSI, Real Estate and Hospitality domains. Their clients are spread across the US and some parts of Europe, so they would like to increase their presence in Latin America, Europe, and Australia. They hope that their product strategy and their technology investments will help them meet their growth numbers for the next three years.

Currently, they have three offices, each in Bangalore, Atlanta, and Zurich. With a strong indigenous background and an international work force in place, this seems to be the right time to seek investment so that they can sustain the business and deliver promises.

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