Bangalore's First Ever Tech Intern Mixer - A brief Report


After the stupendous success of Bangalore's first ever tech intern mixer, we at analyzed the feedbacks that students left us, and the results are startling!

Students today are seeking out for opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in the field of their liking and they are not willing to be subdued by societal pressure. They are actively seeking out for internship opportunities and trying to get involved in more and more practical work than the usual academics. This, they say, is giving them an exposure and a sense of how things work in professional space. Some of them prefer interning with MNCs, while the rest are ever so enthusiastic to work with Startups or "Dream Companies".

Most of them have exhibited a liking towards Entrepreneurship, inspired by many people in the tech-entrepreneur world. That is a good thing, but they need nurturing, for they were confused and outright unaware of what exactly they wanted to do. It's just that they want to do something, but they don't know what! Names like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were popular in their feedbacks.

Exposure is one factor that's affecting this, more the exposure, more the awareness; and that can specially be gained by working in a start up as they'll be digesting all that Gyan of how a small company grows and what kind of mistakes are made, how they are overcome, how the passion flows among the people and what the driving force is.

There is a clear necessity to stay in touch with all the start-up trends even if you are not associated with one, and most of the students' information on startups or similar job opportunities are obtained from Job Portals and Media. That's a good trend, isn't it?

In terms of Job profile, most of them look out for meaningful jobs which will help them later on, while there are few who look out for good pay, very few!

But take a look at this below chart, quite a few students were unaware of opportunities that are staring at their faces.

It's fantastic to note that students who were aware of start up jobs, do know that they get a lot of exposure when working for start ups, and that it's fun to work with, flexible work and a relaxed culture. But some of them also map a start up job to insecurity, risk and fear of failure.

But the thing they should understand is they'll be taking away valuable experience and knowledge that they would never get working for an MNC. It's worth the risk!

We went a step further and asked them if they knew about equity and other options that are offered to you if you're working at a start up. Here's the chart:

Most of them don't have an understanding of the early benefits, unfortunately. There is a need to

bring awareness to the interns about this which will encourage them to work and be a part of such start up culture.

"There must be more such Tech-intern meet ups as well as conferences which will make us more aware of the opportunities and help us connect." - The universal footnote which we kept hearing.

All in all, Bangalore's first ever Tech-intern mixer was appreciated both by the students and the entrepreneurs who attended and most of them found it very informative and interactive. They were excited, from the moment they entered our office, till the end of the session.


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