A Four Day Workshop for Young Leaders by Centre for Civil Society


Centre for Civil Society in partnership with Earhart Foundation presents a dynamic, four-day, residential course in liberal philosophy and its application to public policy. The course provides students with tools to understand the political economy of current policy issues in areas such as school choice, livelihood freedom for the poor, and good governance.

In the listed Rationale they bring a strong view that resonates with a greater economically successful India, an India with reforms, continued growth and development. However, there needs to be awareness and the reform movement has to reach the urban and rural crowds. Emerging challenges have been vaguely addressed. A firm action needs to be taken.

In the highlighted topics of the workshop, Skill development, social connections and better career opportunities are given importance. The program is open to all, with a fee of 2000 Rupees, and the last date to register is 20th July. Read more here.


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