Cloudnix Launches Shopnix; A One-Stop For All eCommerce Needs


Cloudnix Software Labs, a startup dedicated to building cloud applications, primarily for logistics and retail solutions, was launched in April 2010, by Nandan Pujar and Avinash Nishant after moonlighting for 2 years. Avinash and Nandan were colleagues earlier and both of them left their jobs to work full-time and take Cloudnix to the next level.Nandan’s product management background coupled with a vast expe

rience in charting out roadmaps in the internet and TV industry helped him understand the business with a larger perspective. Avinash, has 10 years of extensive web development experience and has built highly scalable web apps that can support millions of customers and huge catalogs. He is the Tech Guru of Cloudnix. Cloudnix Software Labs is proud to announce the launch of Shopnix platform. Shopnix is a technology platform that enables small, medium and large enterprises to quickly launc

h and rapidly scale a successful eCommerce venture.

eCommerce – Technology requirements

An eCommerce venture rests on 4 key enablers – Technology, Sourcing, Marketing and Delivery. Technology plays a foundational role in the success of an eCommerce venture. It ties together all the consumer facing, operational and business verticals of the venture. The minimum technology requirement of an eCommerce venture will include –

A feature-rich, easy to use & scalable web application with

  • An online store for consumers to shop & pay
  • An ERP solution to manage daily store operations
  • Integrated services like email, onsite SEO, live customer chat, analytics and others.
  • A robust web server to host the web-application.
  • A technology team that develops, tests, maintains and supports the web application and the servers. Apart from running the application on a 24x7 basis, the team needs to work on a future-proof roadmap for eCommerce.
What is Shopnix?

Shopnix – is a one-stop-solution for all the technology needs of an eCommerce venture.

The core of Shopnix is the Web-application. With the Shopnix web-app anyone can quickly build online stores. The stores are built by bringing together the latest web technologies and the best web design principles. Kiranawalla – An online grocery service running in Bangalore runs on Shopnix.

The other module of Shopnix is the “Store Manager”, which comes handy to run the daily operations of the store. The feature rich “Store Manager” includes modules for
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • User management
  • Custom Business reports & widgets
  • Supplier management (for aggregators)
  • Store analytics

Shopnix addresses 2 primary market segments – Early stage enterprises and large enterprises.

Cloud customers

Early stage eCommerce enterprises such as eCommerce startups, Small & medium enterprises typically require

  • A proven out of the box store that works and scales well
  • No technology overheads like maintenance, development and security
  • Keep budget spending low on technology till sales are generated.

The Shopnix - Cloud proposition - has been built for this segment. Their cloud stores run on a multi-tenant architecture. These stores are hosted on a common Shopnix server, includes a competitive feature set in the web-app and is developed and maintained by a common Shopnix tech team.

Large Enterprise customers

Medium and large ecommerce enterprises have very different needs. They

  • Require scalable technology from day one – ie technology that can handle tens of thousands of catalog items, millions of visitors, thousands of concurrent payments etc.,
  • Custom features on the web-app – like integration with legacy systems, customized widgets, social features
  • Dedicated teams to maintain and support the service.

“Shopnix Enterprise solution” addresses this segment. Apart from the basic ecommerce platform, they provide dedicated customization, tech-support and sys-admin teams for enterprise customers.

Want to build an ecommerce store? Try Shopnix.


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