Confused with the Number of Online Shopping Options? to the Rescue!


Shopping online has become a norm and with the unforgivable number of options available, both in terms of where you can shop and the number of deals available at each place, the plight of an online shopper is rather, a product discovery website was founded on April 26th, 2012 taking up the responsibility of keeping that online shopper happy.

What they do draws products from websites like,, etc., and showcases them on their website. They then allow the user to search for a product they are looking for, showing them the available sources. They also allow users to find products they are looking for through category searches, price filters, discount filters, source filters etc.

We also run as a daily deals aggregator, and the user has an option to switch from deals to shopping and vice versa,” says Jaisal Rathee, Co-founder at currently has over 9000 products uploaded, and will have over 18,000 in a few days to come.They work on an affiliate model with the websites they feature. Every time a user makes a purchase routed through their website, they get a small fee as commission.

“What makes us different from other websites is that we aggregate daily deals and e-commerce products, both. We provide a common platform for our users to find products and deals/coupons they are interested in,” says Jaisal.

The Team

The team currently consists of 4 people – Jaisal Rathee (Co-founder and current


student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University), Nitish Rathee (Co-founder), Isha Rathee (looks after Data entry and Customer Service) and Ishan Garg (Developer).

Jaisal, Nitish and Isha, as their last names suggest, are siblings. Jaisal was still in school when they started working on the idea.

Accolades and Future Plans

Within 2 months from the launch date, had 300 subscribers for their daily deals aggregator, and over 1100 fans on facebook, all without any proper marketing.

Currently focused on the Delhi NCR region, plans to first strengthen their operations there and then spread their roots to other metros across India.

On Being a Student Entrepreneur

“I would have to say that the cons of being a student entrepreneur outweigh the pros. It’s very hard to get people to take you seriously when you are only a student, especially in high school. Plus, a lack of experience gets in the way sometimes. But the pro is that starting a company at such a young age helps you gain the much needed experience for your future endeavors.Nevertheless, we're a positive bunch and have a long exciting climb ahead!” concludes Jaisal.

Well, here's wishing you good luck on that climb! More on here.



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