Crackerjack Offers your Brand a Newer, Cooler Look!

If Apple’s logo did not have that piece of the fruit missing, it probably would’ve been just another logo. There are some details that catch the eye and put them in the permanent storage of the human brain. Such is the onus upon a creative designer, to deliver noticeable solutions. Apple can afford to hire any consultancy to make its logo and merchandise. But if you’re not one of the absolute biggies, and are trying to etch your spot in the market, Crackerjack has a lot to offer. Crackerjack is determined to consistently create attractive and engaging products and those that have a complete recall value. To start off with their own logo, the queen ant is a symbol of leadership, creativity and excellence.

Crackerjack, a communication & design consultancy was founded in 2010 by Shilpa Bhandari, who grew up in a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, owing to her father’s services in the Army, which exposed her to a plethora of Indian culture, traditions, art forms, languages, experiences and creativity to draw inspiration from. She chose to specialize in Fine Arts that served as the palette from which she could paint her experiences.

Training under the stalwarts in the industry, she understood that while most existing design studios lend services only to the ‘big’ companies, they left out an a huge untapped sector- the small/medium enterprises, start-ups, Pop and Mom stores, educational institutions and individual experts (like Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Stylists, Housewives, Sportsman, Insurance Agents). Crackerjack was conceptualized to serve clients from this very segment and make them their 'star accounts'. To complement her business idea, she completed her post-graduation in advertising, marketing and sales.

Crackerjack, operates with a 6-7 member team, including a Business Development Manager, a Visualizer and a Copywriter. To drive the firm’s overall strategy and growth, they have an advisory panel comprising of prominent professionals from the industry as well as a team of freelancers.

Crackerjack offers a fresh and savvy approach in designing projects, irrespective of its size. They experiment with fine art, illustration, and fashion to create graphic designs that are original, memorable and effective. The objective of Crackerjack is to develop, evolve and deliver products which contribute towards brand differentiation and sustainability.

Their marquee product, called 'bundled service', is available at a reasonable price point vis-a-vis their competitors. To an SME it could mean a turnkey affair, a combination of branding, logo, tagline, stationery and to an individual it could be customized business cards plus personalized notepad. The creation of a ‘bundled service’ is different from other similar firms as it is an outcome of extensive research. They also publish their quarterly newsletter 'Designosaur Bytes' for clients, prospects, channel partners etc. The above two features also make up the revenue model of Crackerjack.


“Five years from now, I see my team expanding and thus our reach growing to various geographical regions through online offering in today’s digital world and hope to make a transition from a boutique to a full service firm” says Shilpa.

Check out the wide range of services they have on offer, from Branding and Corporate Identity, to Brochures and Advertising, on their website here.


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