Creating a Multi-million Dollar Enterprise with Talent and Passion!


This is one of those instances in entrepreneurship where pure talent and passion leads to producing a multi-million dollar enterprise.Steve Porter was already a successful DJ, but he didn't know real fame until he remixed an ad for kitchen chopping tool SlapChop, on YouTube.

Porter's parody racked up 14 million views!

Vince Offer, the owner of SlapChop, took notice too. He made Porter's remixed video the official commercial for the chopping device.

"I was excited and shocked at the reactions to the video," says Porter. "I created the SlapChop just as an experimentation, applying video to my music productions and playing around with video clips. I was looking for a challenge and it was something fun and different."

After becoming a viral sensation, Porter realized he had something unique on his hands. Why not turn his knack for remixing into a company?

What started out as a creative outlet for the DJ, soon transformed into PorterHouse Media, a custom music video production company specializing in remixing and mash-ups based in Holyoke, Mass. Since then, he and his staff of ten have worked with clients such as E!, New York Knicks, ESPN, Showtime, ABC, NBC, and FedEx. Wait, it doesn't end here!

"It was a complete career change overnight," says Porter, who was seeking something new after touring for 9 years! The same year PorterHouse became officially open for business, he was ranked #2 on "America's Best DJ" list, compiled by user votes. In addition to this, he was featured on Fast Company's "100 Most Creative People" list.

Since launching in 2009, PorterHouse Media — which is made up of a team of engineers, public relations specialists, salespeople and management — has found that most clients come to them directly. PorterHouse has doubled their workforce and expanded with new studios and equipment.

To date, PorterHouse Media has created roughly 100 videos. Clips that are between 30 seconds and three minutes require between 100 to 250 hours of work each.

While he hasn't stopped deejaying entirely, Porter's work as a producer takes precedent and he still applies his DJ skills to his current position. "I am basically using the same work ethic I did during my DJing career, loving what I do and continuing to learn and grow within all of this," says Porter.

With a company that holds dozens of projects under its belt, they still want more. As a dedicated Boston fan, Porter would love to work on remixes and mashups for the city. "The Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox would be awesome to make videos for," he says. "Otherwise, I see potential in so many directions and have a lengthy dream list. I would love to do some movie trailers, maybe musically score a movie," he adds.

 - Madalsa Singh


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