Go Creative This Weekend; Have a Look at These Innovative Startups


Yes, we're about to kick off with the Techsparks 2012 Hyderabad Roundtable but just so that we don't give an overdose of technology, here are a few fun and interesting creative startups we came across last week to probe your creative juices. Have a look!

Founded by Prem Sagar, a photography freak bogged down in a corporate job, Tapprs.com is a one stop for all the photography needs. Are you looking to try some of the latest photography equipments? May be a lens or a filter, all photography equipments could be hired from them. Go, click!

Every time you think of Goa, you're teleported into a different world all together. This arty duo, Raj and Sneha Bhandare have built a great brand in Niravanatshirts and have now gone online.

And, do your nails need some attention? Presenting Vermilion: An Exclusive Nail Spa!

Facebook, as we all know has become a great place to startup with no capital input required. Here are few startups that we caught up with to find out how Facebook been doing the magic for them. Presenting Glass Hoppers, Ms K Cupcakes and Leviathan

Check out the story of a designer who has made customisation her forte with Little Charms; making customized products for kids.

Reviving Intricate Know-How of Traditional Indian Design; London and Mumbai Based Strand Of Silk. Find out how they differentiate themselves from the rest in the online fashion retail stores.

Team GoGappa shares about the unique process used to curate the gifts on their website. We explored the reasons as to why are they banking on gifting!

With the imitation jewellery industry touching 1500crores (still growing) due to increasing gold prices, find out what Scrunchh is doing right to cash on this opportunity.


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