CreativeCrowd: An Opportunity for the Creative Designers in You!


CreativeCrowd is a medium for talented designers to show off their skills and grab the limelight. Indian designers interested in designing Logos, Websites , Mobile UI and Graphics, who are already working or trying to get an exposure can join CreativeCrowd, a free-to-sign-up crowdsourcing platform with hand-picked Indian designers interested to flaunt their innovative work, polish their skills, interact with customers, get exposure and earn loads of money!Sniff an opportunity here?

Launched by Design My Template, CreativeCrowd is where designers will compete with their peers in a design contest to win the announced prize money. CreativeCrowd will refer the right contests to the right designer by analyzing the skills and designs of designers. "In short it will give designers a contest according to their ability and not just randomly. It will reduce confusion and will further update them with a continuous feedback which will help them to improve their creative skills," says Rakesh Mandal, Founder, Design My Template.

This platform will certainly help designers gain experience, build customer relations and gain popularity and feedback. For working at CreativeCrowd, all you designers need to do, it would seem, is sign up in the forum, work on a specified project and let the creativity flow!


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