Did you Ever Think you Could Make Money by Wearing Shirts?


Jason Sadler makes 500000 dollars a year wearing shirts!This is probably one of the funnest and most creative form of entrepreneurship you might have ever seen. We have been consistent with the "Be crazy" funda, and here's more proof of the same!

Jason Sadler is a guy that was crazy enough to think he could build a business out of wearing t-shirts. He founded iwearyourshirt.com on a whim in 2008. When the idea for the company came to him, he and a friend were busy with a startup web design company and Sadler lacked experience for the new venture.

Before racking up thousands of hours of social media experience for every type of company under the sun, Jason made his mark as a graphic designer and business owner of his own web design studio. Once it became clear to him that social media would be more than a passing phase, Jason set out to use these new tools to bring personality back to marketing.

In 2008, Jason Sadler realized that by leveraging the power of social media, the very shirt on his back could be a valuable way to introduce his friends to new companies.

In 2009, he sold an entire year of shirt-wearing, promoting a different company every single day using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. 365 shirts were worn, and a lot of fun was had. Since that first year, IWearYourShirt has worn shirts daily for companies, growing to two shirt wearers and then five.

They promote a different company every week using social media. They wear their t-shirts, make fun videos and take ridiculous photos, all in an effort to get their sponsor’s name out there.

Over the past three years, they have cultivated a highly-engaged community of fans that check out their daily content and support their sponsors. Taking their vast marketing knowledge and experience with over 1,500 companies, they apply that to their promotion strategies for their clients in the most fun way!

Their motto: Marketing shouldn’t be cold and calculated, but fun and relatable instead.

Check out their funstuff at www.iwearyourshirt.com! Have similar great ideas? Share them with us!

 - Madalsa Singh