Do You Want to Become a Pro Investor? SafalNiveshak Teaches How


The world investment market is in not in a great shape. Most of us may be aware of that but what we may not be aware of are the right avenues for small investors to invest in volatile times like these. Added to that, the questions of small investors for long have not been answered. “Small investors are a large community in India and have made bad decisions in the past. This is because the subject of investing is not taught in schools or taught by parents and thus investors fall into the trap of greedy financial institutions.

In India, big investors have good resources but small investors lack quality investment education. is about giving the control in the hands of the individuals than financial advisors because ultimately it is your money and you better be accountable for it than someone else taking decision for you,” says Vishal Khandelwal, Founder, Safal Niveshak.

With a name meaning “successful investor”, was launched in July 2011 as a way to build a tribe of successful, sensible, independent, long term investors. Through this initiative, Vishal Khandelwal shares the lessons he learnt from being a stock market analyst with Equitymaster , and in the process, catering to small investors for 8 years. Currently bootstrapped, has almost reached 900 subscribers in one year’s time.

“I provide investment education through my free online newsletter on investing and personal finance and also conduct investing workshops. Also, there are free online courses on value investing and financial planning available on the website,” says Vishal Khandelwal.

Vishal believes in the USP of having a website that solely focuses on educating small investors on value investing and financial planning and, in the process, leading them to live their financial life successfully and peacefully. While currently generate its revenue from the workshops Vishal conducts for small investors, these workshop have a unique pricing model. The price ranges between Rs. 0 to 5000, and participants pay based on the value received from the workshop.

Built on the structure of being a community of small, sensible, independent  investors, people have the opportunity to contribute to this initiative by commenting on the website, sharing their experiences and mistakes they had made as investors.

Are you also a small investor? What has been your experience investing in stock markets? What is your take on investment education in India? Share your views in the comment section below.

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