Dumped? Do You Need a Breakup Helpline?


A heartbreak is always hard, no matter how many times you have one, or how careful you are and stay aloof. You can pretend to the world that you are ok but inside, you know, you are terrible. And in such terrible times, would you go offline and do something to take your mind off? No! Because humans being humans, they'll remain on the internet and browse. And to pounce on this opportunity, Ankit has launched breakuphelpline!

Breakuphelpline will hear you out, not once, not twice but as long as you need them to. "Our experts will listen to you and advice you on how to move on without being bitter!" says Ankit. The paid package will help you to 'move on' within a month :)

How did the idea pop?

“I had gone for a book reading session at the Kalaghoda Festival in Mumbai. I was going through some books on display there and came across a book called Chocolate,Guitar,Momos by Kenny Deori. The author was supposed to talk about the book but was fashionably late. Meanwhile, I started reading the first chapter and on page two the protagonist was describing how his girlfriend had dumped him & how miserable he felt. He continued to say if there was a “Break up helpline,” he would be so much better off without the alcohol & cigarettes.”

That was the “Eureka” moment and Breakuphelpline was formed.

Who are the people who give advise?

The people who write content and provide there service are mix of psychologists, people who understand breakups and the trauma and basically believe in life after a breakup.

About the procedure:

Currently customers have to go through a four week tailor made course which would include skype sessions & personalized monitoring of the client via constant communication through emails & if necessary, handwritten letters.

The site was launched just seven days back & already has 28 members, which includes 5 international ones.

The founder himself has ofcouse had a few difficult break ups to deal with and pretty much knows what it takes to balm a bruised heart.

The target market is young people in the 18-25 age bracket. "If these people can buy a Rs 2500 Manchester United Tee Shirt, a broken heart is definitely worth that much!' exclaims Ankit.

What do you think? Are the customers ready to pay for this service? Leave feedback in the comments section.