Dhingana Launches Dynamic Adaptive Streaming For Mobile App


Dhingana, a streaming service for Indian music announced today the launch of dynamic adaptive streaming for its mobile apps. The company also announced that it has crossed 2-Million mobile downloads.

Dhingana’s new dynamic adaptive streaming helps users with slower internet connections, or data fluctuations. Users with slow mobile internet connection will automatically be adjusted to the optimal music experience, and those on a fast connection would be able to stream high quality music. The service has been first launched on iOS versions of Dhingana, with Android, Nokia and Blackberry coming soon.

The new Dhingana apps with dynamic adaptive streaming provide users with auto-adjusting quality control without interrupting listening experience. Power users, however, will have more control on their music listening experience with the option to select their streaming quality manually. For e.g., users accessing Dhingana with EDGE connections will automatically be adjusted to lower bit rates while users with a 3G connection will be able to stream music at higher bit rates, providing interruption free music experience to both.

“With the debut of our new iOS Dhingana, apps we can now deliver the best possible music experience for each of our user regardless of their data connection. Even if you have a powerful device you are limited by network speeds and the quality of networks can change quite significantly from location to location. However dynamic adaptive streaming solves this problem automatically,” said Snehal Shinde, CEO and cofounder of Dhingana.

For information on Dhingana, take a look at their website.


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