Experiential Marketing is Pulp Strategy Communications’ Answer to Consumer Outreach Dilemmas


“A marketing agency is marketed through ‘word of mouth. Let the work do the talking.”

Changing the course of consumer connect

With the changing weather in the marketing industry pointing in the direction of experiential marketing as a necessity, Ambika Sharma, cashing on her years of marketing experience, decided to provide solutions to a host of consumer outreach dilemmas by starting Pulp Strategy Communications. “The shift was dramatic; the demand was for better, faster, stronger brand centric solutions. The disappointment of marketers was also more frequent with stories of disconnected or force fit solutions. It wasn't impossible in-fact. It could be done more in sync with the local flavor, cute, effective, socially connected, delightful engagements which delivered this change and the fact that I believed that an ever increasing void was up for the taking, made me take the plunge,” says Ambika Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Pulp Strategy Communications.

While most mass media platforms may be communication driven, Pulp Strategy Communications with expertise in experiential medium is focused on building conversations with a select core audience providing them with unique brand experiences, keeping the spill over minimal. They work with an interesting mix of clients across the verticals of youth marketing, brand activation and digital marketing. While they work with a diverse range of brands across verticals, specializing in youth marketing, their brand activation business has a good mix of youth brands and mega players in the technology space along with niche real estate and retail lifestyle brand like Barista in the digital marketing vertical.

What’s more interesting about Pulp Strategy Communication?

Exploiting the low clutter and exposure levels in emerging India, they also run rural marketing campaigns driven by the core principles needed for a successful connect with the rural audience. “Rural audience has a different mindset. A campaign for the rural audience needs to be rooted in its culture and very close to the state, language, and beliefs. One needs to keep in mind that one size does not fit all so a campaign for upcountry in Rajasthan cannot be mirrored in Orissa or any other state,” says Ambika Sharma, explaining their rural marketing strategy. While cultural connect is just one key aspect, they also believe that all successful campaigns must be scalable and extensive in their outreach to gain the much needed critical mass.

The people behind the brand experiences 

Working on making all this possible is a robust yet lean team that follows the account management system like most agencies in the Digital and Brand activation space. With the increasing need for a strong digital element even in brand activations, their operations and media teams work very closely with one another. Apart from this, the I Café Media business is managed by a separate team of 45 relationship managers, technical operations and logistics units across 30 cities. Backed by a great team and with the ‘1st mover advantage’ as the heart of their revenue model, Ambika Sharma sums up her company’s revenue graph in a simple equation

 Good work + Novelty + Results = Upwardly Mobile Revenue Graph

Good work truly has opened doors for this agency that is barely a year old. Pulp Strategy has already bagged 5 national and international awards and has 6 global super brands as clients in their kitty.

More about Pulp Strategy here.


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