5 Reasons Why You Should Startup as a Student


We thought a lot before starting up with Studentstory.in. Is it right for a student to startup? Is the right way for a student to expend energy during his formative years? Conventional folks might say 'No' and be discouraging but actually this is the time when you can learn the most and make the worst of mistakes without paying for it dearly. You might not have the knowledge to do it but the journey will certainly toughen you up. Here, we look at a few points why we'd ask you as a student to startup:1.      Extremely few or no liabilities

At this juncture of life when one is in college he does not have a list of major liabilities to take care of like family or kids or anything which stops him from taking the risky startup route. The more people wait more this list keeps growing as people start working, get married and start a family. But at this age even if people fail they do not risk losing anything of substantial value instead gain enormous amount of experience which is of great help as they move on.

2.      High Bounce Back Rate

A student in his graduation generally falls in the 19-23 yrs age group which means he has got enough time to bounce back and get to the regular day job in case if things do not work out in the desired manner. Therefore this is a better time to startup as compared to when you are already stuck to a day job.

3.      Abundance of Support and Guidance

Students are constantly surrounded by people in the form of friends and teachers who believe in them and their dreams and they are emotionally connected to their peer group which generally is not found in case of working people and their colleagues. Mentorship by Professors is also available easily in this phase and getting a co founder is not a big deal as we know our friends and thus trust issues are also taken care of, which is the single most important factor in life of a startup.

4.      Probability of meeting potential cofounders is very high

Paul Graham, founder of YCombinator says, “Most students don't realize how rich they are in the scarcest ingredient in startups, co-founders.” and college is the best place to meet them as you know them, you get to compare their abilities. As you keep waiting, they move to their respective jobs and then it becomes much difficult to persuade them to start and letting go of the safety net of regular income which encloses their daily life.

5.      Students are not tied by employment agreements

Most companies have it clearly stated that you cannot work on anything else while you are employed by the organization, some companies have more strict clauses like all your ideas belong to them while you work at the company. Steve wozniak also faced this dilemma while working at HP. Later he got written clearance from HP since they were not interested in his work. But everyone might not be that lucky, so start off before you get tied down by such draconian agreements which limit your creativity. These are the few of the many such reasons which I think are important enough to get you started and experience the startup nirvana which is the ultimate satisfaction we get out of building a product or a service.

Does this sound compelling enough? Let us know.


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