FlyByKnight For All Your Post Midnight Hunger Pangs

If you’re one of those who develops insatiable mid-night cravings and cannot help just because your city sleeps too early for you(ahem, Bangaloreans!), or had to stop watching an episode of Master Chef because your stomach growled too loud- here’s someone who’s happy to help during exactly the wee hours of the night. From coke and chips to cigarettes and contraceptives, FlybyKnight’s menu card seems perfectly tailor-made for midnight and post activities.

FlyByKnight, a late night delivery service concept intended mainly at the college and working


class crowd was founded by Neha Jain, a former Analytics and Double Click Consultant at Google India, where she worked for five and a half years. Victim to the unavailability of such services during her college days in Bangalore, she says “Except for a handful of restaurants which serve the same kind of food there aren’t too many options if you develop a late night food craving”. With the help of Sanjeev Nair, the brainchild behind the idea, she went ahead to implement this concept in Mumbai, from Andheri to Bandra. With assistance from experienced writers and designers, FlyByKnight has been able to get its website up and running, while working on creating a buzz in the right circles alongside.

With all the legal documents and permissions in place, FlyByKnight is now underway with their operations in full swing. Their products range from a list of well-chosen eatables like Lays, Bourbon, Snickers, Water, Beverages (legal hence non-alcoholic) to need-of-the-hour material like antacids, sanitary napkins, cigarettes and condoms. All of this is available at between 11pm to 3am at your doorstep at the MRP with a convenience charge of Rs.50 however large the quantity may be. The procedure is simple. Choose items from the Menu online, call to place an order. The Knight assures that your order will be available in 20 minutes. If you want to place pre-orders, fill out a form online. At the moment self-funded, FlyByKnight looks at expanding its venture in future, for which funding would be required.

A brand new feature introduced by Neha and co. looks towards environmental friendliness while delivering their products. "We're looking for people who are socially aware. So far, our 'crusaders' comprise of media professionals, producers, independent workers and students, many of whom use this as an excuse for a disciplinary workout. Deliver our supplies on bicycles and and earn money for each delivery you make. You have the option to pick the most convenient delivery location," she informs.


An offbeat venture cashing in on a really pragmatic idea? We certainly think so, and believe that the Knight has pretty busy and testing times ahead. Catch their entire list of products here.