Free Tax Filing for Women; How do You Handle Your Finances?


Startups are going innovative and in their endeavour to gain more customers, are coming up with interesting initiatives. Finance in India is usually handled by the male in the house. Cleartax, a startup we recently featured, is trying to change that now via an offering that allows Women all over India to file their tax returns for free. ClearTax is offering all women free access to its tax filing website till July 26, 2012.

Archit Gupta, Co-founder, ClearTax says, “Talking to customers about their finances, income and their tax planning gave us a lot of insight into how people think and behave in aggregate. We noticed that more men than women e-filed online with us.” He adds, “Our team learnt that in aggregate, women spent significantly less time paying attention to tax planning and personal finance compared with men. Some of it was unfamiliarity, some of it was cost, and some of it was hesitation. Since their peers weren't doing tax and financial planning, women were less likely to pay attention to this topic. Men on the other hand in aggregate saved more on their taxes via deductions even though taxation rates for men are higher in India.”

Financial startups are springing up regularly and one more interesting startup in the tax filing area is 'Tax Mantra'.

Both the firms have a pricing which starts at Rs 250 per tax return. TaxMantra also disburses knowledge in the form of guest columns on our website with a plethora of services it offers customers.

How do you file your taxes and handle your financial matters? Have you gone the e-way or do you still follow the conventional pen and paper route?


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