Gadgetronica, a Gadget Freak’s Supply of a Healthy Information Diet


With more than 960 million mobile users and a youth population that is among the fastest adopters of technology in the world today, India is a ‘golden-egg laying’ goose to all the world players in the gadgets and electronics sector. To feed the ravenous appetite of this market, the average gadget freak is supplied with a constant information diet of the latest gadgets in the market.Gadgetronica is one of the many, young online publications providing latest, reliable news and stories from the world of technology and gadgets. Started in 2011 by a bunch of undergrad students, this Hyderabad based startup, is now a full-fledged website carrying niche content with a sleek interface. Gadgetronica covers the latest news on software releases, mobile launch and conferences held by key technology players like Google, Microsoft and Apple. Apart from the gadget and app reviews that they cover, strategic content on social media, digital culture, internet technology and technology companies is also a part of their offing to their readers.

The website boasts of a large database of the latest gadgets ranging from phones, tablets to computers and cameras. Providing comprehensive information about popular and upcoming gadgets with detailed technical specifications, buying guides and latest prices from various vendors, Gadgetronica enables its readers to take informed buying decisions.

Rohit Ramesh, co-founded the company in his third year at BITS, Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Today, he heads Gadgetronica, which touches a million page views every month. A highly enthusiastic team of writers, editors and developers work meticulously to furnish fair and quality content aiming to provide a rich user experience.

“We wanted to have a single destination for the person who seeks any gadget-related information. We have had the patience to not give up after putting in our best effort at this. We have a wonderful editing team. The quality of the content that goes up on the site needs to be very high because it directly impacts the number of page views and the traffic generated,” says Rohit. With erroneous content proving to be detrimental to the reputation of the website, stringent editorial policy has been enforced to enable well-written articles on their website.

Gadgetronica currently generates its revenue through ads and affiliate based lead generation. In order

to enable better revenue, the design team is currently at work to enhance the user interface and enrich the user experience (UX). Striving to be a TechCrunch or Engadget or Mashable, Gadgetronica has certainly worked its way up with the clear vision of the Founders.With a database of more than 1500 gadgets, Gadgetronica is expected to have a catalogue of 10,000 gadgets in a month’s time and are expected to migrate to the AWS Cloud very shortly. Working with, Gadgetronica are all set to take the big leap. With close to a million page views a month, they have the potential to gain a strong foothold in the Indian gadget market influencing sales of gadgets across various big brands. Influencers like Gadgetronica are a boon to the technology players. If Gadgetronica leverages this strength then strategic partnership with these players could mean a win-win situation for both in the future, giving Gadgetronica the extra mileage.

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