Gaglers Introduce Hourly Trends; Treetle Launches Appreciation Module


Founded by Augustus Franklin, Gaglers is a messaging platform specifically built for online marketplaces. It connects a seller of the marketplace with their buyers via email and instant messages.

Explaining 'hourly trends' and the need for it

"Our customers noticed that they were getting good discussion with their visitors when they were available online." says Augustus. This led to the clients need to know when their visitors were coming so that they can be present too. Therefore, Gaglers has built hourly trends.

'Hourly Trends' analyses historical visitor patterns for every single seller. "It then tells them when the majority of their visitors come to their shop. It also tells them what percentage of the visitors they missed having a real time interaction with, when they were not present. Customers can also choose a time period over which to crunch the data for the trend information. This way they can discount certain one time events, weekends etc. if they like." explains Augustus.

This enables businesses to know exactly when their visitors come to them. Based on the hourly visitor trend information, international customers can also decide which geography is best suited to man to shop.

The second development comes from Treetle, a means to connect with like minded people around you. Founded by Pankaj Dugar, Treetle helps you do the things you want to do, in the real world. Find the right Treetle clubs to join, connect with like-minded people, create events you want to organize, or just attend; Treetle is about the offline world.

As a differentiation point to someone like a Meetup, Treetle has launched "Appreciation and Credits" module. Claiming to be one of their most significant features, Treetle has put 50 credits (1 credit=1 rupee currently) in every Treetler's account to try out the service.

Appreciations are a way for the user to recognise the efforts of an event organiser on Treetle. And credits are the means to do this. The credits can be sued to but e-vouchers from Treetle's merchant partners. This is a great way to incentivise the whole process and also open up a revenue stream.

More about the Appreciation and Credit Module here.