This Startup Wants You To 'Get Off Ur Ass'


Miles away from the busy-bee and the hectic lives most of us corporates lead, there are breathtaking places, some that are popularly visited, others that are less explored, and a few that are not even spoken of. It’s not often that we get to discuss about or watch the biodiversity in the Borneo rainforest, especially when there’s that all important quarterly presentation to take care of. Get off ur ass, is a Bangalore based venture that guides adventure loving enthusiasts and offers them a taste of intensive travel.

Getoff has a bit of history in the sense that it essentially was started off as a gear and apparel store in 2003 by Santosh Kumar. A former river guide and an avid trekker himself, Santosh couldn’t resist the call to get back to his preferred field, and therefore, three years down the line, the website was set up focusing on adventure tours.

Getoff is managed by Santosh and his team of five. “We don’t have a physical office and basically work from home or on the move. As of now we are three in Bangalore, one in Imphal and one in Ahmedabad,” he says.


They offer a range of trips from mountain hiking and rafting expeditions to cultural and photo tours, all at exotic locations. There are also customized tours on offer, which Santosh believes is one of Getoff’s strengths. Offering a free hand to his customers, Santosh says, “The level of customization depends on what a client seeks; and based upon this, we get to the bottom of the requirements especially when the client values the experience and is willing to experiment.”

Loving to take risky and less travelled roads, the company is working on organising a few international trips to the likes of Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Borneo. ”Some of the more high profile trips(like trips to the Galapagos Islands or Africa) are partnered with some of the best operators in the international scene,” informs Santosh.

There are a few weekend trips organised as well, that are mostly photography based. “We are also working on a new website which will focus on weekend places to visit to and stay at.”


Traction is mostly garnered through aggressive social media activities and really cool concepts which float around with word of mouth marketing. “Also our level of interaction with our community is way above just business relationship. We share knowledge even if people don’t travel with us. Ultimately we want to see more and more people travelling,” Santosh adds. Plus they do have a very catchy name, it has to be said.

‘Giving back’ has been an important factor in Getoff’s motto. “The future focus would be more on building communities and facing issues that affect the planet. Off the grid workshops, Traveller Meets and Organizing sets of trips dealing with Earth Issues is what we are working on. It is a personal journey too and we look to share as much as we can,” Santosh adds, signing off.

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