Give it Away With Instamojo; A Link Does it All!


Got something that you would like to give-away – goodies, books, or even your time for free? Instamojo offers a simple solution that lets you give-away your stuff instantly by sharing unique checkout link with friends, fans and followers.

With simplicity, customer experience and speed as their value proposition, the website gives you 3 simple steps to use their platform:

  1. Post your stuff (tangible things or your time) and get a unique link.
  2. Share this link with your friends, followers and fans.
  3. Give away your stuff at a decided location

Instamojo was started by Harshad Sharma (@Hiway), Akash Gehani (@rockball13), Aditya Sengupta (@Sengupta) & Sampad Swain @sampad (former co-founder of Wanamo which is now ), four technology loving geeks.

Having Instamojo launched in its private beta on 24th April 2012, the platform went into the invitation-only mode within 2 days of its launch due to popular demand. On July 7, 2012, access was opened for the public.

Currently focused on selling tangibles and time, they plan to soon open doors to the sale of digital products like e-books, music, videos, reports, photographs, blog posts etc. Though a free service at the moment, they intend to monetize the service soon by taking a percentage on every transaction done through Instamojo. “But we are mulling few other options too but with deep focus on user experience and simplicity at the core of it,” Sampad explains their monetization plans.

“I guess one of the biggest challenges we faced was to make initial users believe that a transactional product can be so dead simple & super easy to use. I guess, once we launched Instamojo, they became believers very soon. Hope we can stay relevant for everyone always,” says Sampad Swain, Co-Founder, Instamojo.

And it might come as a surprise to few but lot's of people do want to give away stuff. Asking a user, what comes across as a challenge is that sometimes there is huge delay on the part of the person who gives away stuff in couriering the item. To counter this niggle, Sampad and team are working on a feature which will be implemented soon.

Being an online platform, their marketing efforts have been focused on social media including twitter and facebook. 24X7 service is also available to our users for any support, feedback & criticism. Do use Instamojo and drop in suggestions and feedback about your experience.


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