HomeTownShop Launches in an Effort to Bring the Local Market Online

Born in a Marwari family, Kalpesh Jain has business in his blood. Having 6 years experience in Investment banking, corporate finance, banking, and valuation, he along with Sunil Ghiya, also an engineer and MBA with more than 5 years of corporate experience have launched HomeTownShop today.

The Aim:

To bring every market like Chandni Chowk, Cycle market in Jhandewala, Rajasthani namkeen, Suit market of Surat etc. online. "In short, we are creating virtual market for existing market. Sitting in Bangalore, you can buy product from Delhi’s famous chandani Chowk or Karol Bagh or from your hometown." mentions Kalpesh.

Talking about the pricing strategy, Kalpesh says, "For Vendor – Price for virtual space will be kept at an aspirational level though affordable. Transaction fee will differ based on product category and pricing plan opt by Vendor. As the vendor grows, we will charge additional fee from vendor to come on front page. And it's free for the buyers"

The Process

  • Seller dispatches the product and shares shipping detail to buyer and HtS team.
  • Customer/Buyer confirms receipt of goods
  • Customer/Buyer shows satisfaction with the receipt of goods.— Buyer certifies receipt and quality of product.
  • Seller sends an invoice filling the details : Order Number, Name of Customer, Product Title & Quantities, Courier Name & Tracking Number.
  • Seller has to send the bill addressed to HometownShop.in
  • HtS verifies the order details and deduct his fees and processes the remaining amount cheque within 3 working days.

Debating about eCommerce is a never ending topic; the growth and the stories. What are your views here? Will HomeTownShop be just another eCommerce site?