Are You Having Trouble Choosing a Sign Up Form for Your Website?


New websites are launched every second and each one wants user to come and spend time. They all want users to sign up as well. Many websites spend huge chunks of money just to get visitors to visit their page through unique strategies but unfortunately, if the signup form is not well designed; they can call it dooms. It is absolutely crucial to choose the best and user friendly signup form which will eventually lure customers to sign up.

Here, I would like to highlight some of the better sign up’s I have come across and the key take aways from them:

1) Benefits! Keep Reminding.

Signup form is first thing a customer is greeted with and, if that is not elegant and simple then forget the customer! Too often many web designers tend to have this feeling that once the customer is filling the form, they have bagged him- this seems farfetched. The visitor must be really convinced to go through several steps and can drop out from signing up anytime.

In order to overcome this one has to captivate the customer by letting him know the benefits he shall be entitled to once he signs up for this.

2)  Attract them with Free.

This might look like under-estimating the customers intelligence but the human brain hasn't yet evolved to overlook this factor. Take the liberty of luring in the customers by posing the keyword “Free”, customers love themselves something offered for and also pamper them with other facilities such as “No credit card required” this will ensure them the site is worth try with nothing to lose.

3)  Be as brief as possible.


Signup’s can be improved getting away with the unnecessary fields. Not always the requested information will be helpful, so choose only to ask details which add value to your business and also will speed up the process. Gone are those days when one used to spend hours filling up a form just to create an account for the website, times have changed; patience is no longer the word. Customers prefer it the easy and the simple way.

Use either of these combinations:

  • Name * Email * Password
  • Email * Password * Password

4)  Try being Quirky!

First Impression is the Best impression, you make a boring lengthy signup form then it would leave the same impression about your website. It’s a great opportunity for you to bring in the Easy, Simple and Wow Experience using a signup form.

Creating a signup form with very good and catchy visual design and tone of the voice will set the momentum drift your way and rest assured that they are in your nets.

5) Be Original. No one can beat that.

By creating and posing an original signup form which is better in some aspects if not all different from other signup forms will always be an added advantage that will give one the edge over others. Since, the audience would like to explore how your website is different from other websites add variety to our website, as a matter of fact, “Variety is the Spice of life”.

I hope some of these tips might come in handy while designing your sign-up form. Do drop in examples of more variations in the comments. And I'd love to know if you've done something totally wacky with you form!

About the Author:

Santosh is a Social Media Strategist currently heading Marketing for, a unique digital brand newspaper carrying brand stories.

You can tweet to him at @connectsantosh.


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