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Mainland China opened it's first outlet in Mumbai in the year 1995. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest eatery chains in India. And a startup, Innosolv, gives them end to end solutions. Not just one chain, Innosolv's solution iDine is being progressively used by many outlets. We got in touch with the solution providers.

Restaurant chains in India are on the rise and management of these chains is quickly adapting to new technologies. iDine is an IT solution for these restaurant chains (ideally having more than 5 branches) to manage their entire process. iDine, which is a product of Innosolv was founded by Praveen Krishnan and BV Dinesh who got together at a company, working on the same project as consultants from different companies. Their ideas and ambitions matched and the partnership struck chord to startup Innosolv.

Having three verticals of IT solutions, IT services and Consultancy, iDine is a part of the Solutions and has been doing really well picking up big clients. The architecture has been derived from Dinesh’s experience of setting up ERP systems at a couple of places including the recently funded, Jyothi. “There are other such products available in the market but they’re all standalone. They are decentralized devices and putting everything together is then a cumbersome task. What we provide is a completely centralized system,” explains Praveen highlighting their differentiating factor.

The system generates very detailed report covering everything from when a customer places an order to when it goes to the chef up to the point where the bill is made and all other factors as well. Global chains like McDonalds and the likes use similar systems but there is a gap in the medium sized restaurant sector. This is where iDine is trying to cash in.

“We have a 40 member team which work on all the three verticals but none on marketing as yet,” informs Praveen. This shows the kind of demand and adoption that exists. Higher managements are getting more systematic by the day and implementing the system is not a big issue but educating the people who’ll use the system becomes a challenge to an extent. “This is because of the fact that waiters in India are hardly capable of writing and reading and hence, a lot of support has to be provided here.” adds Praveen.


Apart from iDine, their solutions include iBeam and iFabricare for FMCG and Laundry Chains respectively. Both of these products have similar structure but can be applied in these vertical segments and have a considerable scope. With a lot on its plate, Innosolv can be looked upon with a lot of confidence in the coming months to expand and flourish.

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