Now Clear your Exams and Crack Internships with Flying Colours: Loremate, a Morpheus Gang Startup

Night before the exam? Tensions’ sky high? Too much to cover in too less a time? Engineering can do this to the best of students at times, and this is when Loremate could well be a lifeline. Loremate provides crisp and clear notes in the Q & A format for engineering students of all major branches that are meticulously organized and arranged chapterwise.

Starting off

Loremate was started off by Amandeep and Abhishek, college mates who, after initially choosing their separate ways, were reunited by their urge to start something off on their own. The alpha version, with 7 subjects, was launched in 3 colleges and it garnered a tremendous response, following which, the duo starting putting in their efforts full time from June last year.

Also, Amandeep acknowledges the role that The Morpheus Gang played in helping them start off. “The Morpheus is the best thing that has happened to Loremate. Their business acceleration programme not only comes with funding, but the best thing about it is the advisory part. When people like Sameer and Nandini along with 80+ other rockstar founders lend a helping hand, the journey becomes so simple and swift.”

The notes, that are quite exhaustive in nature, are sourced from students and professors in a raw format, following which each line is read and re-written with a rigorous edit that converts them to Q & A format, complying with latest syllabi of Indian universities like PTU or Anna University. “Right now we have about 50000+ topics online which cover syllabi from almost 150+ universities worldwide,” adds Amandeep.

As exam related stuff (students will go all out for last minute prep) becomes viral very soon, the share buttons on every chapter helped the content spread in many student communities & circles very effectively.”


Internship and job opportunities

A second vertical was added only recently, dealing with helping students in getting good startup opportunities. “We don’t go for academic and other details which have nothing to do with startups. We just ask how good a person is at a particular skill and that’s it. If you are really good enough & sincere to work in a startup we get you placed,” Amandeep informs.

On the other hand, every startup that signs up with Loremate is provided with a private CRM login, where they can look at and play around with all the profiles besides other services offered.

This new vertical has been given the brand name, and is currently helping students and startups in and around the Delhi- NCR region.

For this aspect of our venture, we are looking at aggressive marketing ways like some really interesting videos, competitions and maybe facebook ads too,” reveals


Revenue model and community response

A few years down the line, the founders see Loremate as enablers to the student community web place where they could read exam focused notes on their mobiles, tablets etc, and also manage to get superb paid internships in start-ups.

Also, there is a lot of optimism in the camp as Amandeep adds, “We have got stupendous response from students in our notes and also, since we provide them niche jobs at no cost, people appreciate our efforts a lot. People are very supportive too and we have got many volunteering efforts in our content generation when we appealed to students to help us in editing the content.”

A really useful tool in tackling engineering students’ major worries. Great work team Loremate!

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