Metrixline: Striking Great Chords in Business Intelligence


The problem of enterprises holding large amounts of data and not being able to extract reliable intelligence is growing rapidly. There are emerging problems of extracting exact data, building knowledge to analyze it, bridging the business requirements with technology skills for rapid analysis, using timely analysis for decisions and in all using the wealth of data to gain competitive advantage are clearly emerging enterprise problems.

Most business solutions tend to move towards the periphery of the issues. There are solutions emerging in the big-data and warehousing space where data extraction is the challenge. There are numerous solutions emerging in the data visualization space where dash-boarding of data becomes a business case. Technologies to connect the entire process from data collection to visual analysis are still a challenge and the current ones are very expensive to deploy and maintain and are mostly static, not dynamic. MetrixLine, a Pune based Business Intelligence Company founded by Aman Walia in the year 2007 aims to address these issues.

There are three areas which MetrixLine addresses for the current and the future of data to information:

1) It solves the distributed data case which is fast emerging to be a bigger issue than big-data. The bigger case emerging in the data space is that data remains distributed across multiple data sources and multiple formats. There is no simple way of bringing it all together this data to run focused calculations and deliver real time information to users. Today bringing all data aligned in a warehouse is a big and expensive exercise and is not fast enough to keep pace with Business needs. MetrixLine solves this complex problem through its unique data “contexting” algorithms.

2) MetrixLine works on a unique business model of subscription services where the end user does not have to worry how the data reaches its end use and in what format. The unique all services managed model delivers all what is required from the data collection points to the end user and manages changes, edits and all services in real time. Hence Enterprises and Businesses don’t have to worry about special skills, continuity, knowledge containment and transfers and get their problem solved over hotlines.

3) MetrixLine plans to deliver many features and analysis tools on web apps which will make the entire data to information space entirely user controlled and web based to deliver on devices of daily use.

Metrixline also has a brilliant team in place: Aman Walia has been a tech-entrepreneur for over 20 years in the Indian and US technology Industry. Prior to founding Metrixline, he worked with Mphasis (IPO and now an EDS Company) from the early start-up phase and helped build the Technology and Delivery organization across three continents. S Chidambaran (Chiddu) has been in the IT/software industry for 18 years. He worked with one of the earliest Venture funded start ups in India and went on to work with various other start-ups. Rajiv Srinath is the Director of International Business. A strategist as well as an implementer, over the last two decades, in both developed and emerging markets, he has developed expertise in growth enablement and market entry strategies involving novel approaches to supply chain strategies, strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions. Marcus Cordiero is the Director of South American business. Marcus has over 18 years of experience in the industry and Retail sectors. During the first 9 years of his career he occupied different management positions in Procter & Gamble do Brazil, in Supply Chain Management/Logistics and Customer Business Development.

MetrixLine has a unique “All Services and Technology included” subscription model. Enterprise and SMB users need to worry only about what information they need; how they want the analysis done is taken care of through a simple and cost effective subscription.

MetrixLine mainly works with two channels:

High value partnerships with Technology and Services companies: The partners help users get more creative and competitive in their business domains and MetrixTrack can work on managing the process and technology of getting the relevant information to the users.

Online retail: A model for SMB’s who don’t have much of technology expertise but still will want to use their data to compete on information. The MetrixTrack platform will be available for them right from sign-in to data connections and uploads to delivery of information.

Both models will have Metrixline’s unique “All services and technology included” subscription model.

MetrixLine has been operating in the international market for over two years and has now entered the Indian market. It has acquired a long list or marquee clients like Cisco (India/USA), Microsoft(India/USA), BlueShieldofCa(USA), Shutterfly(USA), EBX(Brazil) to name a few in multiple geographies.

The challenges in the Indian Market are very different. India so far has been sluggish in being an early adopter of new technologies. We do anticipate that resistance in the Indian market. However with a few Client testimonials, we should be able to overcome that. Working with new technologies and business models which can change competitiveness exponentially is still an area to be tested in the Indian context. Indian managers have traditionally relied on their existing technology skills or tested technologies from the west till they adopt. However, we see this changing in markets like Brazil where the appetite to compete is getting aggressive. We hope that it will be the same in India soon,” says Aman.

Metrixline is aggressively pursuing its vision of bringing real analysis and intelligence to the users when they want it and where they are. They plan to keep developing their technology to serve the need of the growing number of users needing an increased amount of information. They are also planning to move to the Mobile App platform making hand held analysis tools conceivable for all types of uses.

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