MVAS Market Pegged at INR 26000 Crores by the end of 2012


The Mobile VAS market is growing at rate of 28% and is expected to reach INR 26,000 crores by the end of 2012. According to the latest IAMAI-IMRB report on Mobile VAS in India, the MVAS market is estimated to reach INR 33, 280 crore by 2013.

Conventional MVAS services like Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket with CRBT, Ringtones, SMS Updates etc continue to dominate the market with 63% share. What is fascinating is the surge in Modern VAS that has garnered 37% market share. Comprising of services such as mHealth, mEducation, mFun, the modern VAS industry is set to be the most sought after services of the future. The below pie-chart provides an insight to the Conventional vs. Modern MVAS market

In the last three years, the average MVAS spent per month has risen by INR 9 to stand at INR 24 per month in 2012. The percentage share of per user spend on MVAS in ARPU has been increasing gradually.


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