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Sunny Pushp and Gaurav Jain, both are alumni of IIT Roorkee are among the founders of the Toronto based start-up - oogwave INC, which is trying to change the way people collaborate online...

Starting on a new job always takes some getting used to, even If you are a seasoned flip-flopper. Your exceptional people skills may help you to gel in with a new team but then every organization has its own set of work management and collaboration tools, and it does take time to get acquainted with them.

Developers of oogwave.com believe that their collaboration app will soon standardize work management and collaboration across all organization. And if this prediction comes true, then job switching will became a lot easier as oogwave will be used by most organizations, and therefore new joiners will have one less thing to learn. No, making job switches easier is not the reason why oogwave was created. The web app is a collaboration platform which has been designed to facilitate collaborative working between cross-organizational teams.

“Organizations have their own systems in place for communication, work management, file sharing etc. And, employees are granted access to these system during the tenure of their employment. This arrangement makes it difficult for partnering organizations to collaborate effectively over a common project, because neither party can share their collaboration tools with people who are external to their organization. To solve this problem, we’ve built a comprehensive collaboration platform that can be used for both internal and external projects,” explains Sunny Pushp, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of oogwave Inc.

oogwave has been built around a unique model, where user accounts are not created by organizations but by individuals themselves. So, when an individual becomes a part of an organization or a project his oogwave account is added to relevant work groups, and when the individual leaves the organization/project, the corresponding account is simply disassociated from the work group.

There are various implications to this model. To a business oogwave can facilitate seamless coordination between permanent staff, freelancers and sub-contractors, while an individual can use his oogwave account to collaborate with colleagues as well as with members of weekend hobby club. “Me and other founding members of oogwave were a part of a large software development initiative, and while executing the project we realized that a comprehensive collaboration platform was the need of the hour,” adds Pushp about the spark that ignited the flame.

The formal inception of oogwave Inc took place in the year 2010, and the first version of oogwave was launched in September of 2011. Currently the product is in its second version, and is accessible though computers as well as mobile devices. An international team of 18 members is responsible for development and maintenance of oogwave, which is headquartered in Toroto and has a development center in Noida.

oogwave facilitates collaboration by enabling project management, file sharing and communication through: chat, email, discussion board and group updates. Plus it also provides essential utilities like notes and To-Dos. As a collaboration platform oogwave is ideal for a small team and also for large corporate houses. And, since September 2011 - twelve thousand people from 72 countries have started using oogwave for collaborative working.

“Usually companies subscribe to multiple cloud services like project management tool, file sharing and communication tools. And, they even spend a lot of money on subscription fees. oogwave is totally free and it includes all the essential collaboration tools that are required for a team to work together and stay connected. We strongly believe that oogwave will soon become a universal collaboration platform,” concludes Pushp on an optimistic note.

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- Huzefa Johar


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