PosterGully: Are there Empty Walls in Your House?

With an aim to create a one stop gully where visitors could take an enthralling walk and find everything they need, to tell the world who they are, PosterGully was launched as an online fan paraphernalia store. Currently, their shoppers revel in about 1000 products they store, including Posters, Art prints, Badge packs, Tattoo packs, Key chains & Sticker Packs. Also, the genres range from Movies, Music, Gaming, Humour, Comics to Sports, Lifestyle, Photography, Motivational and many more.

“The idea was to build a website that is really about the visitors, their lifestyle, their idols, and their idea of who they are and what they love,” says Bharat Sethi, Founder, PosterGully. is designed not to be just a web store but an experience; a space that engages our visitors and inspires them to shout out their personality. Features such as Mapify Us, that lets the visitors see who else is buying, The View Room, which tells you how each poster will look on your wall and our Deals of the day at throwaway prices are helping us create a great connect with our audience.

“We as crazy young lunatics, who’ve been big poster buffs from way back realized that it’s not enough just to sell cool stuff online. We need to be able to take this simple idea and craft a website that intrinsically resonates with users. The key for us is to find interactive ways to engage our target audience in a cool yet relevant and meaningful manner. We’re offering rich and engaging content as part of our operations because we understand that motivating people to buy stuff is only the first step,” says Bharat. He also accentuates upon the “funda” that PosterGully follows, ‘Everyone hates being sold to; we all prefer to buy.’


PosterGully was launched on 26th May 2012 with had enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the launch and a fairly high fan base on social networks. This helped them gain traction quickly.

They have successfully completed more than 120 orders within a span of 35 days. They are focused on building a viable and desirable product, assembling the right team, and serving enthusiastic customers.


Bharat and his team worked a lot on creating a diversified collection and categorizing them aptly. Their collection starts at as low as Rs. 99 and goes up to Rs. 1100 for a unique range of 3D posters and matt-finished art prints. Posters of The Beatles, WB, Marvel Comics, Disney, G-Lobal, 20th Century Fox, Bob Marley, DC Comics, Star Wars, Barclay’s Premier League and about 45 more are available on PG. The Cash on Delivery option throughout India has helped them connect with the 15-20 year olds very well.

The reason why we’re confident we would touch 15-20 orders a day in the next 3 months is because the platform meets a critical demand of a huge addressable youth market, users have a decently high lifetime value and there are very scalable user acquisition channels that can help us go viral,” says Bharat.


PosterGully has plans to evolve into the more fundamental and trusted role of advisor for Posters, Art Prints and Merchandise throughout India. The idea of PosterGully began with getting customized posters, art prints, mugs, key-chains online. But, the legal issues surrounded with printing images without a copyright has adhered them from entering that particular sub-sector. They’re working around getting customized stuff online, but it will take about 3-4 months. They will be coming out with Bollywood Posters next week. Tees resonating with our products and combined deals on Posters, Art Prints, Key-Chains, Comics, Sticker Packs, Badge Packs, T-Shirts has been planned for the next quarter.

Are you going to fill that empty wall in your house with posters from PosterGully?


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