Webileapps Launches ResolutionTweet: Stick to Your Resolutions!

On every failed resolution, we cringe a little, think about our loss and the general enthusiasm there onwards starts dipping. Of the many thousands of New Year resolutions that people take up, only 8% of them have achieved the intended goal and 49% achieve partial resolution commitment. As many as 24% of the resolutions made up, are more than likely to fail within the first 2 weeks of making the resolution... So where can we find help, that leads us to the ‘feel-good’ feeling that keeps us going on for the entire duration?

Enter ResolutionTweet, an app that goes by the tag-line “Social resolutions - One resolution at a time”. Here’s one sincere app that helps you keep up your resolution. The main agenda that keeps this app on the top of the feel-good apps, is the fact that it sticks to its agenda “Remember: When you commit to something in public especially with Friends and Family, you are highly likely to get it done.”


ResolutionTweet has been developed by WebileApps, a company that designs and develops high quality Web and Mobile Applications specializing in iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile development platforms.

Inspired by none other than the legendary Steve Jobs, WebileApps, setup in December 2009, is led by a team of 4 directors, Sandeep Naidu, Nazish Hussain, Rajiv Naryana and Satya Kalluri, as well as a dedicated web and mobile development team.

ResolutionTweet, their most recent app and the third to be developed, was preceded by Heartz, an app for those in love (as one might have guessed) and Slide ur Buddy, a puzzle game that has so far received 6000 plus downloads on Android, and close to 5000on iOS.

Getting back to ResolutionTweet, the user can log in using either the Facebook or Twitter account, following which, a host of steps lead to the completion of the resolution one had intended to achieve. High on motivation and low on procrastination, this application surely helps in boosting the user’s optimism and outlook. Resolution Tweet successfully manages to keep the user’s enthusiasm at a high by integrating with the Social Networking Services; hence keeping buddies in the loop.

The app classifies each entry into various categories, like Career, Finances, Food, Lifestyle, Hobbies and Travel. Common topics like ‘Resolving to become a better photographer’ or ‘Resolve to start meditation’ invariably have a ‘How to’ section, which enables better help in further providing directions to your resolution. The best part of the entire application is the methodical and often well-judged approach it takes up when providing help for utility specific resolutions like learning a new language.

All in all, we have an app that connects to the user at a closer level than most other apps. A sense of commitment and enabling that the app provides will surely be well appreciated by the users.

Also, there are other great apps lined up focusing on Life Style Design and Productivity. Sandeep adds to the optimism saying, “We believe ResolutionTweet has the potential to become the next big thing. We aspire to become the best Mobile App development company in India and come up with a MobileApp that becomes part of the life of millions of users in India and across the globe

We wouldn’t bet against them doing so. Give ResolutionTweet a look-in here.


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