Reva Money Matchers: A Financial Dating Service


The world is flat; true. The world is small; even more so. Reva Money Matchers is a venture founded by 23 year old Varun Sharma along with Rene Passieux, a 55 year old Dutch Citizen who is a businessman based in Goes, Netherlands. "I met Mr. Rene over the Internet for his freelancing Web Development work. It was then, when he liked my work, and proposed this venture," says Varun. This is the power of internet. The Venture is Reva Money Matchers; a meeting place for Capital seekers and Financiers. It is a platform to bring money seekers and investors and/or business coaches together. Offering such unique service in more than 40 countries, RMM aims at providing better financial solutions to the investors and the credit-seekers. "We bring people together who need credit with those who offer credit." adds Varun.


Why is it needed?

"All over the world banks have become more reserved in supplying business as well as personal loans. The conditions to provide a loan were adjusted. Thus, the banks require more solid collateral, more security. Moreover, it has also become more expensive to lend. For individuals and/or small and large companies this can be fatal. Credit seekers are thus looking for good alternatives." answers Varun.

Registered in June 2009, the firm started the Product Development in December 2010 and it took them a complete year to develop, test and bring this Product online. The operations were successfully started in December 2011. RMM is a bootstrapped initiative which started with little funds and no manpower, now has 8 fulltime developers working for further testing and development. With the main office located in India in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, RMM has the largest up-to-date data bank of international investors and willing credit providers for businesses as well as the individual customers.

How does the process work?

With a simple demand-and-supply ideology behind the service, a lot of effort has gone into the idea development to provide a good platform for the money seekers and the investors. The investors can see the project/business idea they are investing in, since the RMM platform provides for showcasing of the startup’s project to interest the potential investors. Any entrepreneur or business group can put an application up on the website for free. Whether seeking a micro-credit of US$ 1,000 or US$10,000,000, anyone looking for an investor or credit, anywhere in the world, can register with RMM, free of cost.

Having an advertisement based revenue model, RMM employs the SEO best practices to market Reva MoneyMatchers. Talking about challenges, Varun adds that letting investors subscribe to the needs of the entrepreneur is the biggest obstacle we face currently and are trying to tackle it.

RMM is certainly an interesting story to have an eye out for. More on their website. On similar lines, there was an interesting announcement about the Startup Stock Exchange


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