Say No to Bulky Laptops, Use WordDesk and a Chance to Win an iPad!

Smartphones and tablets are a huge rage today. But are they the future replacements of desktops and laptops? I don’t think so.

Early computers gave way to desktops because they were too big for a single person. Desktops gave way to laptops because it is tough for a person to sit at one place for too long. Smartphones are enticing because they are small, compact and work like a laptop but the problem is they are too small for a person! A 4” screen with no keyboard is no replacement for a 15” laptop screen with QWERTY.

Having said that, once you own a smartphone, it is really hard to live without one. I asked myself why?

The answer came to me swiftly and immediately: Smartphones are portable and personalized. Your personality reflects on the phone. Laptops and desktops reflect our personality but not the smartphone’s portability.

When I was told that while you cannot make hardware portable, the software can be made portable and it works as long as you have access to hardware even for a small time with no admin authority requirement, I was apprehensive to say the least. With that apprehension, I downloaded and installed WorldDesk.

Installation was pretty smooth and quick. It required either a pen drive or a Dropbox account to store your software with a minimum of 2GB free disk space. After installing software and creating a backup of my system on a USB drive, it started the virtualized desktop. After that, it was simply the matter of installing your favorite software once and using the system. You can easily switch between a virtualized desktop and the host computer on which you are running WorldDesk.


  1. No need to install the same softwares again and again after a fresh install of OS
  2. Portability and Personalization - your desktop with you, everywhere you go!
  3. Dropbox Integration. (No need to carry that USB around)


  1. Only available on Windows
  2. 64-bit WorldDesk runs on only same architecture.

Addition of the following features will be pretty awesome:

1. Virtualized Windows desktop running on top of Mac and Linux even if some speed is sacrificed.

2. Automatic detection of installed software on the host computer and automatic copy and installation on the virtualized desktop.

Conclusion: A pretty cool and handy app for every computer user!

If you're a regular on our website, you've probably heard about the WorldDesk contest already. Well, it's still on. All you have to do is download it here and post your review here. You do that, and you might just find you own an iPad!

- Manav Goel