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They say there are two kinds of investors: those who don’t know where the market is headed, and those who don’t know that they don’t know. Ironically, the same is said for the forecasters. Here’s where Stockizen comes into the picture. The first product offering of Kuebito Technologies, Stockizen is a first of its kind, fully automated, emotion-free stock market advisory service created to empower individual traders and investors. Currently, this real-time advisory portal supports Indian stock markets and is primarily meant for retail traders and investors.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Computer Engineering grads, Aniket Dalal and Harsh Mohta co-founded Kuebito Technologies in March 2011. A 9-year-long association with Stock and Commodities markets while working with prominent IT firms, they figured out that sound, prompt financial advice was hard to come by and the conventional sources left a lot to be desired. This triggered a thought of automating the whole advice generation and delivery which eventually gave birth to Stockizen, the name implying “citizen of the stock market”.At Stockizen, you can access all the latest trends, analysis and advice compiled by its unique 100% technology driven platform. If you have already done an analysis of some company and need a second opinion, you could use “Pick Your Company” feature. And if you didn’t find time to analyze companies, visit “Stockizen Picks for you” and let Stockizen select the best picks for you. Moreover, you could move Stockizen back in time using the “Blast from the Past” and verify past performance of Stockizen. There are a host of other features including its PPASEC model (Prepare, Plan, Analyze, Seek, Execute, Close) which the users should find very useful.

As of now, Stockizen is free of charge and the partners plan to introduce customer centric pricing schemes with pay per use plans with the provision of not charging the users if the recommendations are unfavourable.

With regards to marketing their product, in order to reach to as many people as possible, they have adopted a mix of conventional and new age media, and have already launched an online marketing campaign with Google adwords and facebook.

Presently the co-founders are happy with the progress that Stockizen has made – responding to 20000+ queries and on-demand recommendations, and thus earning the appreciation of its users.

Nevertheless, the co-founders reckon automated paid financial advice is in nascent stage in India and hope to cover a lot of ground in the near future.

“For instance, currently the advice is more applicable to short term traders in the stock market. However, in future, Stockizen will cater to longer term investors as well as to commodities and currency markets. We will be extending our coverage to more companies, more exchanges and global markets. We will be bringing in the LTIIP (Long Term Impact Information Processor) for medium to long term investors. We will strengthen our execution capabilities by bringing in Portfolio management Services (PMS) so as to extract the best out of Stockizen. In addition, we would start analysing commodities and currencies too” says Harsh Mohta.

Baffled by the market rumblings? Visit Stockizen.

- Dhagash Desai


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