Strawberry People: Nurturing the Seeds of Education in India


Strawberry is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside – close to two hundred of them. If you want to start a strawberry garden, all you need is just one fruit!

Strawberry People was launched with an aim to provide practical business skills that help individuals and groups achieve a higher level of accomplishment in a way that is entertaining and compelling. India needs to exponentially grow the pool of well trained and skillful manpower to achieve the larger, national goal and take the leap from being a developing to a developed country.

Education institutes today are bogged down by many financial and management complexities, thus, veering away from the actual goal. Education should be exercise, but it has become massage. Due of the stark contrast between the expected and the reality, there exists a huge void in the minds of students; Strawberry-People aims to fill that up.

It started when I was pursuing MBA. It was quite evident that there was something amiss. I could realize the need of a change in the regular education system and hence began the quest to find out the gap and set things in order. This was when I stumbled across the training industry. In the process of working on myself and helping others I ended up becoming a Career Coach from a Trainer. This led to formally setting up an organization with the core emphasis on adding value to the learning paradigm,” says Sanjay Enishetty, Founder, Strawberry-People.

Sanjay has a team of four other people to assist him in taking Strawberry-People to the next level: Vivek Reddy – Trainer and Operations, Deepti Agrawal – Trainer & Content developer, Prathyusha Pappu– Content developer, Sadique – Administration and Finance.

They have developed a unique module for the under graduates and post graduates called The Bottle Opener. In this year long module, the students are coached right from day one of the academic year, and given maximum exposure to practical learning methodology by engaging them. On the same lines, they also conduct seminars, workshops and various other programs for freshers, middle level management and senior level management in corporate and government organizations. They are tying up with lot of successful names from the industry who have kindly agreed to mentor the young generation and introduce the concept of Mentor-Mentee in the education institutions by providing one mentor for three students.

They generate revenue in three formats:

a. Offer Training services to Educational Institutions / Corporates / Other Organizations.

b. Deploy Technical and Language/Soft skills trainers to clients

c. Organize Open programs every month

On the marketing front, they conduct demo sessions in colleges for students and well as the management and explain the benefits of our coaching. They have reached out close to 5000 students/participants in the last one year and consider it as their biggest achievement. They are developing plans to enter 2-tier and 3-tier cities soon. They consider it as a prime market and source of the majority of India’s workforce.

A major challenge for them is the confusion created by people in understanding the terms ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’. Though close, these are different concepts. A mentor may coach, but a coach is not a mentor. Mentoring is “relational,” while coaching is “functional.”

They are very excited about a new product launching this August called Street Smart People. Street Smart People gives you insight into best practices, influencing, writing, presentation and communication. This program will be delivered by guest faculty from industry; individuals well versed with the recipe to success.

Do you wish to polish your skill-set and take a stride above the rest? You may consider Strawberry People as your gateway to success.