[YS TV] Suresh Narasimha, TELiBrahma, “It’s impossible to build a company working 5 days a week”


TELiBrahma is a company focused on digital and mobile marketing solutions. It is into location services and augmented reality space in advertising, with its aim to integrate and digitize the offline world with their technology. Starting in 2004, it has grown from VAS and special services provider into location based and augmented reality company, backed by investors like Intel, Inventus and Ojas.

We recently spoke to Suresh Narasimha, founder and CEO, about how TELiBrahma thrived and scaled over the years to what it is today, while still maintaining the startup culture. Being experimental and continuously adapting to the market trends has driven the company to growth over the years. He spoke to us about the serious lack of infrastructure and ecosystem related to augmented reality in India and elsewhere in the world. Being a pioneer in this space keeps Suresh driven. On speaking about the culture of Telibrahma, he says “We have managed to retain the humility of a startup, and what defines us is our colleagues, and this is what has helped us grow”.

Speaking about work-life balance, Suresh interestingly said, “It's impossible to build a company working 5 days a week!.” He is a humble man with an experience that is surely going to inspire the next generation entrepreneurs.