[Survey Results] Cloud Adoption among Indian Startups


A few weeks ago, YourStory conducted a survey among startups around the country to understand how many startups are using cloud technologies to deploy and run their main product and learn more about how they use the cloud. Here's a summary of what we found. We first asked startups if they were currently using a cloud technology provider to deploy and run their main product. Interestingly, 62% of startups were using a cloud technology provider to run their main product, and 7% of the respondents were partially using the cloud.

For the 31% of startups that were not currently using a cloud provider, we asked them if they were actively considering moving to the cloud in the near future. Of them, 35% were actively considering moving to the cloud in the near future. A further 28% were at least partially considering moving their main product to the cloud.

We then asked the startups what the most important criteria were for choosing a cloud platform, and an overwhelming 88% of them picked the "ability to scale seamlessly" as the most criteria for choosing a cloud platform. Reliability and Ease of Use came closely second and third as the most important criteria for picking a cloud provider. Interestingly, Support for favorite technologies (like .NET/JAVA/TomCat etc...) came in last in terms of must-have features for picking a cloud technology platform.

Finally, we asked the startups that are currently on the cloud which cloud platform they're currently using. AWS is the clear market leader with over 50% of the startups surveyed using Amazon's cloud. Google App Engine and Windows Azure come in at number 2 and 3, and the Rackspace cloud was at number 4 with roughly 6% of startups using the platform. There's a long tail of cloud providers including SoftLayer, CTRL-S, Heroku and others that are also being used in startups.

This is a part of the "Cloud Adoption Among Indian Startups" report created by YS Research. To find out more about how to buy the full report, please email chandan@yourstory.in


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