The “A to Z Guide to Build a Lean Startup” with Innominds


A business approach pioneered by Eric Ries and Steve Blank, The Lean Startup methodology is an inspiration for startups across the globe. Driven by the idea of maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost, the lean startup works to build better products to satisfy real customer needs with the least waste. In order to enable Indian entrepreneurs and startups to better understand and implement the concepts of lean,  Innominds has organized an ‘A to Z Guide to Build a Lean Startup’ workshop in India on Aug 12, 2012 at IIIT, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. To encourage the growing community of student entrepreneurs, this workshop is open for all students at a discounted price!Vivek Sagi, a serial entrepreneur and currently the Founder and Managing Partner at Innovacion, will be leading the workshop taking you through different modules that include identifying the correct vision for

your startup and creating and testing that vision through a real time lean business plan. Drawing from his years of experience, Vivek will share case studies and tools to help you to master and apply the build (develop), measure (analytics) and learn (hypothesis testing) feedback loop across your entire business so that you can pivot or persevere based on the feedback you receive.Event Agenda

Session 1 – Envision your startup

  • Overview of startup challenges
  • Correctly identify your vision and strategy
  • Learn to create a ‘Lean Business Model’ canvas as your real-time business plan

Session 2 – Execute, test and learn

  • Master the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop and apply across your startup
  • Mitigate risk. Define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Session 3 – Accountability and turn on the afterburners

  • Understand innovation accounting and the use of actionable metrics.
  • Learn when to Pivot (change strategy) or Persevere (change product features)
  • Navigate the fundraising landscape to scale at the right time

You can click here for more details on the workshop and registration.


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