The Startup Centre Announces In50Hrs, an Idea-to-Prototype Event

In50hrs the flagship Idea-to-Prototype event of The Startup Centre, is going to four different cities this year - Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. The event is getting kickstarted in its home city Chennai, followed by Pune this quarter.

So How does this affect an entrepreneur?

"We see plenty of entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas, but are rather reluctant to do anything about it because there is no nudge to get them to take that first step - to convert that idea into something that starts to work, the prototype," says Vijay Anand, Founder, The Startup Centre

In50hrs is a weekend event that brings together entrepreneurs with ideas, developers, and product designers together to build first version prototypes of the product idea.

"Over the past four events, In50hrs hours has seen more than 200 participants participate in the event, 100 odd prototypes being built and in its last count 20 startups that have emerged out of the same - not so surprisingly, quite a few of them being student startups. If we can enable a student to become an entrepreneur, experience and learn how to build a startup in the most cost-effective and safe environment, then we have achieved our goal to support any entrepreneur with their crazy idea," says Vijay talking about the past traction.

The event also seeks to seed some depth in the kind of ideas that are coming out of India. Opportunities around the mobile and internet, leveraging the mobile subscriber base - with technologies such as NFC, Augmented reality etc are quite under exploited. There are some rather large opportunities that are prevalent in the enterprise segment as well - pain points that we hopefully will see solutions emerge around in these events.

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