The Top 3 Challenges for Student Entrepreneurs !


So we've said a lot about how starting up as a student is probably the best thing you can do. You have fewer responsibilities, have the freedom and flexibility to try a lot of things, you don't have much to lose; the positives are many. Just like everything else though, starting up as a student has its set of challenges. From our experience with student entrepreneurs, we have found that most students face a similar set of problems.

Unable to believe that your passion can convert into money - Many a times you must have discussed with your peers / parents / profs that you have this idea , but no where you or the people you have been talking around must have told that you that why dont you excecute this idea and you might make money as well. There is sometimes just no platform to share your aim / dream.

Everyone tells you to be in a Cocoon -  Everyone tells you that get a job first , or do a MBA etc., so you get the fear of being insecure that if you start , you might fail , but just to let you know , FAILURE is the most basic ingredient of successful entrepreneur ! So its just that you have to start early , scale fast if nothing else , fail fast and keep moving to follow your passion relentlessly.

Platform / Resources / Money - You always have an idea , where you calculate that I need 6500 ( lets say ) in the beginning to start and if I get this I would be big one day after scaling , or you have an idea but don't have technical knowledge to built the platform and you fail to find a technical co-founder as well. So all this kind of lack puts your idea and enthusiasm in the " thanda basta " again !

We at StudetntStory want to be your close friend in your entrepreneurial journey in making your dream come true. I always believe that if you can identify a problem around you and you think you have a solution , you should execute it quickly and that might be the biggest turning point of your life !

I would love to know what are the other challenges that you face so that we can work together in solving them !!

Also, If you have an idea write to me : , and we will help you achieving them by all means we can. Also, here is a golden chance to submit your short and sweet story in 120 characters here and you might win a Nokia Lumia phone !


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