TheWeightMonitor: India’s First Fully Online Weight Management Portal

0 is India’s first fully online weight management website which provides tailor made diet plans, daily diet monitoring, and the flexibility to communicate with a nutritionist any time during the day as many number of times. Customers of the site get the services of highly trained nutritionists and the brand of India's top nutritionist Ms. Ishi Khosla at 1/12th the cost of visiting a nutritionist and saves hours of time spent by people during various nutritionist visits. The program focuses on the concept of teaching a person the art of eating right rather than providing a temporary rigorous diet regime. A learning which would help a customer not only to lose weight & stay fit but also learn something that can be followed for life. The website currently has 150 paying customer from all parts of the country and abroad. The cumulative weight loss on the website since its inception in early 2012 is almost over 300kgs and increasing each day. Clients of the website are located in 38 different locations.

The need for online weight loss

The need for a 'fully' online weight management platform is clear due to the growing prevalence of time-poverty owing to long working hours, hectic social lives and traffic congestion. Urban India is in the midst of an epidemic of non- communicable lifestyle related diseases. These include obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These disorders are preventable and obesity management is the need of the hour.

Founder, Dev Khosla graduated from high school in the year 2007 and went to Singapore to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. “I took the entrepreneurial plunge as you call it, quite early in my life. Having co-founded a mobile marketing start up called Mpigeon, Handshake (an online portal for commodity trading) and Falconcrest Trading Pte Ltd (another commodity trading initiative) during my university years, I always had my hometown in mind to do something new. My mother & I founded in year 2011,” says Dev about his entrepreneurial journey.

The Team

TheWeightMonitor Team is extremely committed to elevate the entire nutritionist experience and put it online. From the in-house programming wizards, Deepak and Akash, experienced nutritionists, Gaytri and Mansi, data handling by Neha to Kishore in accounts, they all have so much to offer.

How does it work?!

Step 1: Client registers on

Step 2: Chooses a 3 month or a 6 month online weight management package

Step 3: Makes an online payment

Step 4: Starts & Completes enrollment

Step 5: Receives a tailor made diet plan. Client can access this diet plan by logging into his account on

Step 6: Starts the diet

Step 7: Fills up his online food diary daily.

The client also gets a daily review of his diet: How’s he doing? Did something go wrong? Address unnoticed issues for the client. Advise changes. This process takes place each day. TheWeightMonitor has so far reviewed 3000 food diaries.

Ask a Question Feature: A client can ask any number of questions and will get a reply within just a few minutes of asking the question. For eg. I’m heading out for a party at night, I want to clarify if I can drink my usual beer or if I can replace my beer with a better drink. This query will be replied within a few minutes of asking the question. In case a client ever feels the need to speak with a nutritionist, he/she can book a call on the website. The nutritionist will call back the client at the call date and time.

Clients can choose from the following 2 packages:

3 month program priced at Rs. 2,999/-

6 month program priced at Rs. 4,999/-

TheWeightMonitor Mobile for clients to manage their diet anytime anywhere is in the plans. They have also partnered with a health food company to make health food available to the clients.

Dev and his team have observed immense traction with their business and visualize a huge potential in the market. They are looking for funding to accommodate their expansion plans.

Healthfreaks should certainly visit TheWeightMonitor. You can also try Qua Nutrition.


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