Get One Up On Traffic Cops- 'Traffic Fines India' App To The Rescue

Developed with an aim to fight against traffic police bribes, Traffic Fines India from Boffo Apps is a great way to keep yourself informed about the traffic fines. And the positive side- it doesn't require internet.

Key Features:

* Updated information on various traffic offenses and fines associated with them* Relevant Motor Vehicle Act Sections are mentioned with each offense

* Info available for Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, HyderabadMumbai and Pune

* Offline Access - No internet or 3G required


How did they come up with it?

Vivek Kumar, the cofounder was randomly stopped by a traffic cop in Bangalore one day and asked to produce his registration document (which can't be done) and Vivek did not have it which is not an offence. The cop asked for 100 rs. bribe and when Vivek did not give, the bike was towed to the police station where he was forced to pay Rs.600 as bribe to get his bike released.

"We were discussing this on a sunday a couple of weeks back when it struck us that many others face the same situation everyday. We thought that with the power of smartphones, we could help people know the exact offenses and fines so that they could stand up to cops who demand bribes. I had to pay the fine for the simple reason that he did not know the exact offense or the fine associated with it." says

Vivek. "So we went to the traffic police website and saw that all the fines were listed. We simply converted that into a simple and easy to use app on Android. We did the same for the other cities as well and made it a free app so that maximum people benefit from it." he adds.

The BoffoApps Team:

Vivek Kumar - Handles the outreach strategy and increasing the app's visibility on various platforms

Rohit Bebarta - Handles the development, testing and upgrading process of the app

Shishir Modur - Inputs on design, usability and GUI of the app

The app has been developed using MIT's App Inventor and has seen more than a 1000 downloads. Download the app here.