What makes Paytm’s Employee, Rachit Mehra, Awesome?


Rachit leads customer support at Paytm. Rachit’s passion for customer support is palpable. To quote him, “I have this internal drive for customer support. I take every query very personally.” 

Coverage as a part of the “Awesome Startup Employee” Series:

A pioneer in mobile internet services for consumers in India, One97, has a 1000+ member team with offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Dhaka, Lagos and Dubai. Paytm, One97's solution for online mobile recharge has been one of the most preferred products by the huge prepaid mobile community in India ( ~600 million), and at the helm of it's customer support team is Rachit Mehra. For a service like Paytm, customer support could lead to make or break.

Bio: Fanatic about customer satisfaction, Rachit has been involved in customer support for more than 5 years, initially with iEnergizer and with Paytm since its inception in August 2011. A BBA and an MBA, Rachit currently leads a 12 member customer support team at Paytm.

Moment of obligation: Having worked for foreign clients and a big organization, Rachit never felt that he belonged there; the thrill was absent. This realization had to transfer into action and once the opportunity with Paytm surfaced, he pounced on it.

Working hours: Atleast 10-11 hours with an aim to give instant customer support and query resolution 24*7.

Leading a customer support team in India is possibly one of the most demanding jobs, what keeps him motivated?

"I have this internal drive for customer support. I take every query very personally. Every customer’s problem is my problem and a happy customer is somehow a very very important thing for me, not just professionally." says a visibly enthusiastic Rachit.

Brownie point: Even though customer support hours used to be up till 12 in the night in the earlier days of Paytm, Rachit used to be online post mid-night to help customers. And the delight that registers with the customer keeps Rachit motivated.

Advice to people planning to take up a startup job:

  • Joining a startup will be the best decision you'd make if you have the hunger to learn. I've learnt more in the past one year with Paytm than in the previous 4.5 years combined, and I can say this confidently. A startup job is not easy but perhaps the fastest way to learn and grow :)

We congratulate Paytm for building a passionate and hard-working team! This sure explains their swift growth in the market, among other things.

What are you waiting for? If you too, like Rachit, have a penchant for learning and growth, join a startup today!

- Edited by Jubin Mehta