[YS TV] Gautam Gandhi, Google, on Indian Startups & Entrepreneurship at TechSparks 2012



“A few years after passing out from Carnegie Mellon University, I went back to deliver a speech and amongst the crowd was my father. Some time into the speech, he stood up and walked away!” began Gautam Gandhi, Head of New Business Development Emerging Markets, Google on Saturday at IIM-A’s IMDC auditorium, the venue for the Techsparks 2012 Ahmedabad Roundtable. “My father couldn’t stand me for more than half an hour and I was wondering how the others were bearing me!” he went on and mysteriously, the audience by then was already in clutch and in anticipation of what was to follow. And in clutch they were, because what followed was a flamboyant speech full of anecdotes and learnings from his experiences of starting up multiple times; succeeding sometimes while failing at other times; all of which was eagerly taken in by the young entrepreneurial Ahmedabad crowd.


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