Zaika Punjab DA: Student Entrepreneurship with a Punjabi Flavour!


A drive for success, a love for food and a young enthusiastic heart are what led to the start of Zaika Punjab DA.

Vishnu Mehra or Vish, as he is popularly known, was a pre-final year Engineering Student at Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering when he saw the need of a low priced Punjabi restaurant in the area. Buoyed by the buzz following the success of his previous tiffin business called “Mummy's Tiffin”, he started Zaika Punjab DA on the 2nd of February 2011.

The going was tough initially. "Starting up in the 6th semester of EEE was a challenge. I always wanted to do things on my own, without taking help from anyone (I did not inform anyone about my start up in college until the end of 7th sem. ), which made the task more difficult. One should know how to manage their time, especially when your college is 74 kms away from your home and working place. I had to maintain an attendance of 85% and an aggregate of 60% atleast to stand up to the reputation I had!" says Vish.Well, nevertheless, the appetites of people and some help from Open Coffee Club Bangalore, led ZPD on. They opened a second branch on the 14th of February 2012.

Currently a team of 15, ZPD works very hard to keep people happy. "Our customers say there are many reasons behind our success. I feel we were able to establish ourselves in the market purely because of the true authenticity of our Punjabi food. Even the chinese is cooked in punjabi style," says Vish.

Vish, also current M.D. of 1947 chain of restaurants, has been mentored by his parents and Mr. Abdul G. Sait, Owner of Basket Options and Mr. Jia Jain, Director of 1947. His future plans include opening 10 branches of 1947 all across India, in the next 5 years and another 5 branches of ZPD across Bangalore.

"Entrepreneurship is not at all an easy journey, it's way more difficult than what we think but the great feeling of satisfaction you get, is what matters at the end of the day. Work for people with dignity, and success, along with money, will automatically flow," concludes Vish.

Well said, Vish. Good luck! We hope you keep those stomachs happy and full :)


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