"54% Increase in Posts since 2012," Formcept analyses Yourstory.in


Founded in late 2008 by Shradha Sharma, Yourstory.in has managed to cover more than 6,000 founders and their startups over the course of the past few years. Going along steadily for the first couple of years, there has been an exponential rise over the last year and a half. With infusion of some great talent, the team size at Yourstory.in stands at 14 and we've trying our best to provide startups with all the help we can. Apart from just visibility online, events like Techsparks (3rd edition on September 8th, Bangalore) and Edustars have given a great platform to startups. Also, the research wing has come along which will be regularly churning out research reports and there always is the newly launched Yourstory Pages- our first product.

We thank Formcept for this amazing infographic:


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